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NBA Player Writes ‘Trump Won’ On His Head For Nationally-Televised Game

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A former NBA player attended a charity basketball game while donning a bumper decal proclaiming his right-wing support.

Royce White, a 2012 first-round draft decision, showed up to a BIG3 basketball contest in Brooklyn on Saturday with “Trump Won!” written across the left side of his shaved scalp in reference to allegations that President Trump won the 2020 election. White was undoubtedly aware that the event’s national broadcast on CBS would attract significant attention to his controversial stance.

The presidential campaign team praised the gesture of support without delay.

White has previously boasted at events about his conservatism and support for President Trump. In the Fifth Congressional District of Minnesota, which includes “Squad” member Ilhan Omar, the power forward ran as a Republican but lost the primary.

White has spoken candidly about his generalized anxiety disorder and intense fear of flying, opting to take the bus to events as a result. He took a hiatus from professional basketball before joining the Canadian professional league in 2017 and then turning semiprofessional with the Big3 league.

White stands out as a contrarian in the liberal basketball community, as many sports personalities today use their platforms to advance political agendas. He has denounced China for its Uyghur genocide and used his intellect to propagate the notion that the United States has conducted “gain of function” research on the coronavirus to make it a potentially more lethal biological weapon.

White expressed support for a prospective ticket that would include President Trump and Democratic vice presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the 2024 presidential election. In a tweet, he defended RFK’s claim that the nation’s intelligence agencies were culpable for the assassination of his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy.

The response to White’s stunt on Twitter was overwhelmingly favorable.

President Trump will undoubtedly rely on celebrity surrogates like White if he wants to reach conservatives who are more interested in sports than politics. Other well-known athletes, such as basketball legend Dennis Rodman, golfer John Daly, ex-Bears head coach Mike Ditka, and former basketball coach Bobby Knight, have voiced their support for the 45th president’s most recent presidential bid.

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