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Neighbors Furious at FBI Shooting of ‘Teddy Bear’ Utah Man, Displaying of Body Afterward

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Neighbors of the 75-year-old man who was fatally shot in Utah after allegedly threatening President Joe Biden and others are speaking out about their acquaintance.

According to CNBC, the FBI went to Craig Robertson’s residence in Provo on Wednesday to serve search warrants and to apprehend him for his previous online threats against a few Democratic Party members.

The New York Post reported that one neighbor, Connor Bunch, described Robertson as a “teddy bear” who cared for his blind son.

“He would guide his son through church and pick a seat for him, tapped his son on the shoulder to signal where to sit,” Bunch said.

“Without his dad, I think he’s going to have a really hard time just doing basic things.”

The neighbor added that “[Robertson] had a hard time himself and walked with a cane,” but he still took care of his son.

Bunch added that he observed law enforcement at Roberston’s residence the day prior to the shooting, but they departed without a warrant.

“I don’t think he was even given a chance to even see a warrant when they went in and raided his house,” Bunch added.

According to KFOX-TV, Robertson posted on social media that he was going to be “digging out my old ghillie suit and cleaning the dust off the M24 Sniper,” in response to Biden visiting Utah.

Neighbor Andrew Maunder told the Associated Press, “There’s no way that he was driving from here to Salt Lake City, setting up a rifle and taking a shot at the president — 100% no way.”

A neighbor who wished to remain anonymous informed Deseret News that Robertson’s corpse was exposed for hours after his death.

They stated paramedics put a sheet over Robertson “and then they just left, and they left him there.”

“I understand they have procedures that have to be followed,” the neighbor said.

“But having his body out there for so long when there’s kids in the cul-de-sac … they could have done more. Because he was bleeding through the sheet.”

Roberston’s family released a statement to KUTV regarding his death: “The Craig Robertson we knew was a kind and generous person who was always willing to assist another in need, even when advanced age, limited mobility, and other physical challenges made it more difficult and painful for him to do so.”

“Craig loved this country with all his heart,” the statement read. “He saw it as a God-inspired and God-blessed land of liberty.”

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