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Never-Before-Seen Court Docs Reveal New Disturbing Allegations Against Epstein, Maxwell

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Thought you’d heard the worst of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell? Think again. Monday’s unsealing of court records by a federal judge revealed that the amount of human depravity demonstrated by these two was unfathomable.

Epstein, a famous banker with connections to several international leaders and celebrities, was discovered dead in his cell while awaiting trial on sexual assault and human trafficking allegations. Later, Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in jail on multiple counts of sex trafficking.

Previously unknown to the public, the new court records expose a variety of abuses.

One alleged Epstein victim, young South African expat Sarah Ransome, alleges she was coerced into a threesome with renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz. The Daily Beast, however, was informed by Dershowitz that the report was totally incorrect.

Ransome said she was transported to Little St. James, Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean, which is now widely known as “Pedophile Island.”

On the flight over, Epstein reportedly engaged in sexual activity with women in front of other passengers, according to The Daily Beast.

Ransome reports that teenage ladies were forced to wear Victoria’s Secret apparel after they arrived.

A number of further disclosures were revealed in the documents.

Apparently, Maxwell managed a “stable of girls and young women” similar to a brothel, ensuring that they provided Epstein with frequent sexual massages.

Many of these women were lent to Epstein’s acquaintances, according to records obtained by The Daily Beast.

WARNING: The following contains vulgar language that some may find offensive.

“He samples the girls, he has friends come over to New York or the island and they get to see who all the girls are around Jeffrey, and they get to pick one which they want to be with… But, yeah. I mean, he didn’t — he didn’t line them up and go, ‘Hey, boys, pick which vagina you want.’ He didn’t do it that blatantly,” Ransome said.

It appears that Epstein’s trafficking and abuse of young women and girls involves some of his notable contacts.

According to the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom, Ransome claims to have created copies of sex recordings starring Epstein’s suspected accomplice abusers.

Given the highly significant names in Epstein’s notorious little black book, it is impossible to predict the fame or influence of these persons.

Given the sorts of individuals who could have conceivably been taken down, it is clearly puzzling whether or not Epstein committed suicide.

Moreover, the fact that two cameras outside his cell were malfunctioning and two guards neglected to do a regular check on him the night of his murder is highly suspicious (per Reuters).

But I suppose “officials” say it was a suicide, and if we’ve learned anything about “officials” over the past several years, it’s that they can be believed without question (note heavy sarcasm).

On the other hand, it is not difficult to image Epstein feeling desperate after gaining worldwide notoriety for owning “Pedophile Island.”

Perhaps we will never know what actually transpired.

Whether in this life or the next, the men and women who assisted in the commission of these crimes will be punished.

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