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New Clues into Las Vegas Shooter Revealed After FBI Releases Docs Years After Massacre

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The FBI has released new records that reveal fresh information on the Las Vegas concert gunman who murdered 58 and injured hundreds of concertgoers more than five years ago.

The Wall Street Journal said that Stephen Paddock, 64, was enraged by his significant losses at local casinos when he opened fire from a 32nd-floor penthouse at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on October 1, 2017.

A gambling buddy told investigators that Paddock was “very upset at the way casinos were treating him and other high rollers,” according to the report.

The buddy said that casinos had reduced the number of VIP privileges. The gambler speculated that this tension may “easily be what caused Paddock to’snap’.”

KLAS-TV reported that Paddock shot more than 1,000 bullets into the audience at the Route 91 Harvest Festival that night. This news site said that the recently revealed FBI papers contain a list of the investigation’s findings, which included the discovery of 24 firearms and many bump stocks in the hotel room.

The Journal cited Russell Palarea, CEO of threat-assessment firm Operational Psychological Services, as stating that the materials “assist in understanding Paddock but do not indicate a single purpose” for the heinous murder.

The Journal said that the materials were released in response to its request for public records.

According to the Journal, the FBI declined to comment.

In the decade preceding the attack, Paddock “gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars” at Las Vegas casinos, according to the papers.

“In 2006, for example, he wagered more than $945,000 and won slightly more than he lost, profiting by making about $4,300, according to one casino report,” according to the Journal.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal said local police told them the documents “don’t add anything of substance” to the case, and added that “speculating on a motive causes more harm to the hundreds of people who were victims that night.”

Brittany Castrejon, a shooting victim mentioned by the Review-Journal, stated that she does not believe Paddock was driven over the edge by feeling insulted by casinos.

She said that sounded to her like “bulls—.”

“The only thing I can chalk it up to is that he was just pure evil,” Castrejon told the news outlet.

“The FBI listed 10 key findings, which painted a picture of a largely apathetic man, declining in physical and mental health as he aged, who may have seen the attack as a way to attain infamy,” the Review-Journal reported.

Paddock did not leave a suicide note or a manifesto justifying his acts.

According to the news source, investigators discovered no proof that Paddock was motivated by ideological or political ideas.

Instead, “they determined that Paddock wanted to die by his own hands, possibly seeing suicide as an act of control in a life that seemed to keep spiraling into decline as he grew older: His financial status fell, his level of functioning slowly diminished, and he grew increasingly distressed at his inability to remedy those issues.”

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