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New Details Emerge regarding What Happened Right After The Leak Of The Supreme Court

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The Politico leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade appears to be part of a larger campaign of political intimidation and bullying by left-leaning corporate media organizations, which have aided the administrative state in threatening and harassing elected politicians.

The corporate media’s usurpations are not limited to spreading false news and smearing the media to assist “the swamp” in seizing control of our representative republic; they also use violence to coerce decision-makers to act in a particular manner.

In the instance of the Politico leak, however, our law enforcement and dishonest media act otherwise.

Double-taking Justice After months of leftist demonstrations, intimidations, and insurrections targeted at the residences of the Conservative judges in an apparent attempt to scare and coerce them after the leak to alter their opinions, John Roberts assured the American people that justice would be served.

As is usual of Roberts and his promises, however, it all fell hollow, and the out-of-control ruling elite in Washington, DC has no remedies for the average American.

Now, a new book provides light on the struggle that was occurring within the court at the time of the aftermath to offset the damages caused by Politico and the social justice warrior who dishonestly supplied the left with the leak.

Revelations in the book indicate that, strangely, it was the leak itself that persuaded the Justices to stick to their prior conclusions and reject the unjust and unlawful judgement from decades before.

The author of “Nine Black Robes: Inside the Supreme Court’s Drive to the Right and Its Historic Consequences,” Joan Biskupic, stated in “Nine Black Robes: Inside the Supreme Court’s Drive to the Right and Its Historic Consequences” that when the decision was leaked, the Justices believed they were locked into their decisions lest they jeopardize the Court’s credibility.

Conservative Brief focused on the book’s specifics.

When the justices heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization in December 2021, the conservative majority appeared ready to uphold the Mississippi law outlawing abortion after 15 weeks and effectively overturning Roe. Justice Samuel Alito was tasked with writing a draft opinion reflecting the court’s position, which would have been circulated for the justices to assess and determine whether they would sign on or dissent.

While justices can change their position and their vote on a ruling before and after an opinion is circulated, Biskupic reported that once Alito’s draft opinion was leaked last May, the justices who were leaning toward overturning Roe determined they wouldn’t falter.

According to Biskupic, the draft opinion was delivered to the judges in February, but when it was published in May, debate ceased.

In February, the investigation into who may have leaked a draft ruling in the momentous Dobbs v. Jackson case last May advanced further. CNN stated that the Supreme Court’s document security consisted of so-called “burn bags” that were left unattended in corridors.

CNN Supreme Court Reporter Ariane de Vogue said, “Long before the leak of a draft opinion reversing Roe v. Wade, some Supreme Court justices often used personal email accounts for sensitive transmissions instead of secure servers set up to guard such information, among other security lapses not made public in the court’s report on the investigation last month.” CONTINUE READING…

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