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New Details of Lake Huron Shoot-Down Cause All Kinds of Confusion and Concern

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According to RedState, another shoot-down occurred over Lake Huron in US airspace. This came after a recent flurry of intercepts of unidentified flying objects, with others downed over Alaska and Canada.

What the hell is going on? We make jokes about it being aliens, but it isn’t, right? So, why is the White House keeping quiet? Are we to think that the warriors who blew these things up couldn’t determine what they were? The existing situation is bizarre. We may be on the verge of a nuclear war with China, and Joe Biden is nowhere to be seen. I get that it is the weekend, but he is the President of the United States.

What makes the Lake Huron takedown particularly perplexing and disturbing is the contradicting information. My colleague Nick Arama said that the item was a “octagon” flying at 20,000 feet. That does not sound like a balloon, as Chuck Schumer said earlier.

Jennifer Griffin, a Fox News correspondent, has just added another crucial fact.

That appears to be a fairly conclusive declaration that it was not a balloon. And if it wasn’t a balloon, what on earth was it? Was China actually flying a futuristic spaceship across American airspace? It also seems strange that the F-16s that intercepted the item were unable to identify it. If its origin is Earth, there aren’t many possibilities. Nobody knows what it is. It’s an octagon but not a balloon. This is out of this world.

Assuming this is the work of the Chinese, we should be able to deduce their aims very quickly. Their bombardment of US airspace with foreign objects is definitely intentional, and I doubt they’re doing it only to give our fighter pilots some target practice. There has to be more to this story than the Chicoms being foolish, and every second that the president does not address the country increases cynicism against whatever the official narrative is (which they can’t even get straight right now).

This isn’t a frightening circumstance, but it is unusual. Every few hours, a new unidentified flying object is detected on air defense radar, and while the military is on the job, the government is dozing off. That is not a good sign.

SourceRed State

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