NEW Genius Pieces To The Plan Of Trump’s Reinstatement

The idea of Trump becoming Speaker of the House, impeaching Harris and Biden, and then becoming president is well known.

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Previously, it was considered nonsense.

It would be beneath Trump to serve in Congress and he isn’t even running for office.

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It was foolishness, many thought.

This week, it was found out that there are additional pieces to the plan.

Having done some research, it turns out it actually is possible. Most have never even heard of some of this, but research has proven it to be true.

These details may also be new to you.

Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes has just explained in less than 3 minutes why President Trump is likely to become president again before 2024.

There’s an overview after the short video:

If you cannot watch the video, here is the summary.

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Members of Congress are retiring or not seeking re-election in record numbers.

In combination with the disaster of the Biden Regime, Republicans are poised to win a large number of new House seats.

Their numbers are so overwhelming that they could impeach Biden and Harris easily.

We now enter the interesting part of the story…

Is it possible that massive fraud could be revealed before the red wave happens?

Suppose The New York Times and CNN figure out that Democrats stole the election?

Could it be that the evidence is so irrefutable that the entire country is aware of it?

There’s always the possibility of having the election reversed and annulled, but as we’ve seen, that can be an extremely drawn-out process with murky legal precedents.

What if there was a faster, easier way?

How about impeaching Biden and Harris outright?

A red wave could defeat them in a matter of days, especially if it was hot on the heels of clear evidence that they cheated.

Decertification is not necessary.

It is not constitutionally problematic.

Impeachment and removal are all that are required.

This is where things get really interesting…

In order of succession, who is third in line to become President?

It is the Speaker of the House.

If Trump were to be appointed Speaker of the House by the same red wave, would that make a difference?

This was previously considered highly unlikely, as he has no intention of running for a seat in the U.S. Congress. Such conduct is below the dignity of a president.

This is where it becomes even more interesting…

Are you aware that the Speaker of the House does not have to be a member of Congress?

Have you begun to see the connection between the pieces?

In 2015, The Christian Science Monitor did a piece on who can become the Speaker of the House. John Boehner had announced his retirement and people were asking who would replace him.

It turns out, that almost anyone can be voted in as Speaker of the House.

The Speaker of the House does NOT have to be a member of Congress.

The Monitor explains:

Who can replace Speaker of the House John Boehner, who announced Friday he’s quitting? Almost anyone. Maybe even you.

This isn’t a comment on the job Representative Boehner has or has not done in his role as leader of his legislative chamber. It’s meant to illustrate a little-known fact: Under the Constitution, the speaker does not have to be a member of the House. He or she doesn’t have to be an elected lawmaker or government official. The speaker can be an ordinary, private citizen.

In fact, there really are not any legal restrictions on qualifications for that office. The relevant words are from the Constitution’s Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5: “The House of Representatives shall chuse [sic] their Speaker and other Officers.”

That’s it. Nothing about being a sitting representative. There’s not even an age limit.

In practice, the lack of qualification requirements for the speaker job has not meant much.

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“Although the Constitution does not so require, the Speaker has always been a Member of the House,” notes a Congressional Research Service report on the subject.

But non-House members have received votes for speaker, and that’s a trend that seems to be growing. In 1997, two retired GOP members got one vote apiece (Newt Gingrich won with 216). In 2013, one retired member, an ex-comptroller general, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell received votes (Boehner won, with 220).

In 2015, Mr. Powell got a vote again, as did Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. No Cruz votes, though. Boehner was reelected – for the last time, it turns out.

The fact that the Constitution does not lay out speaker requirements is a function of the fact that the Founding Fathers left the House a lot of flexibility to shape the office in all ways.

Suddenly, Trump is back in the White House without Pence following a process that could take a few days to complete.

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