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New Names Emerge As Donald Trump’s Potential 2024 Running Mate

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In November, the 45th President declared his candidacy for the presidency in 2024, completed the necessary paperwork, and told a jubilant gathering at Mar-a-Lago, “America’s comeback starts right now.”

With Trump’s candidacy established, speculation began regarding his potential running partner. Politico earlier reported that, according to an unidentified Trump aide, the former president will likely select a running mate “from three general lanes of candidates: women, conservatives of color, or a trusted adviser.”

While possibilities like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are being discussed, a Trump aide has claimed, “There is a part of Trump that believes he needs a female vice president.” Nicki Haley, Kari Lake, Kristi Noem, and Sarah Sanders have all been touted as potential candidates, and all of these names have worth in the political sphere. However, there are three other names that should be added to this list.

Conservative Brief has whittled down the pool of probable female running partners to three plausible candidates. A fresh report suggests that Trump loyalists are considering former Democrat and current Fox News contributor Tusli Gabbard as a potential running mate.

“Trump hasn’t started campaigning for the nomination and few people have been hired to run his operation in the early primary states, but allies have still been considering names for VP, The Daily Beast reported. After running for the Democratic nomination in 2020, Ms. Gabbard left the party last year. Gabbard has grabbed the attention of Mr. Trump during her appearances on Fox News, specifically when she stepped in to host Tucker Carlson’s show,” the Independent reported.

One Republican strategist opposed the selection of Gabbard, comparing it to President Joe Biden replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with a former Republican, such as Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney. “Sure, they stand up for you on a couple of issues, but they hate you on everything else. Cool, but let’s not give away the farm here,” the strategist said.

CNN aired a report in late May stating that Elaine Stefanik is high on the “running mate list.”

While talk about a 2024 vice-presidential pick is of course premature, conversations about adding Stefanik to a future Trump ticket have gained steam in recent weeks at Mar-a-Lago and in other Republican circles, sources said. Current and former advisers and others in Trump’s orbit have privately argued that the New York Republican, who replaced Rep. Liz Cheney as the no. 3 House Republican last year, is a fierce and loyal attack dog, and Trump would benefit from tapping a woman for vice president should he run again.

According to two sources with knowledge of the situation, Trump has asked close friends and supporters what they think of Stefanik, one of several Republican women he is considering for the prospective vice presidential position, but he has not ruled out a few male candidates. According to one of these individuals, the former president feels Stefanik has experienced a true transition, having left the moderate half of the party to join its more strong “America First” faction.

“He definitely likes her, likely because of how effusive she is to him,” an adviser to the former president said, although in a recent Foreign Policy story titled, “Elise Stefanik Is Most Likely to Succeed,” the authors’ detail, “A young woman once hailed as the future of the Republican Party embraces Trumpism to stay that way.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

And according to Robert Draper, a correspondent for The New York Times Magazine, Trump is eying Marjorie Taylor Greene, Conservative Brief reports. CONTINUE READING…

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