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New Owner Elon Musk Shakes Twitter To Its Core With Another Big Move

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Since becoming “the sole director” of Twitter, Elon Musk has been continuously active. Musk has wasted no time in correcting the social media giant’s perceived flaws, to the delight of conservatives and the terror of liberals.

New Twitter CEO Musk has dismantled the social media company’s board of directors, taken efforts to limit employees’ influence, and looked into suspected suppression against particular political leaders.

“Twitter’s board of directors was dissolved following Elon Musk’s takeover of the company, according to a securities filing on Monday. The company filing states that all previous members of Twitter’s board, including recently ousted CEO Parag Agrawal and chairman Bret Taylor, are no longer directors ‘in accordance with the terms of the merger agreement,’” CNN reported.

“Musk, according to the filing, became ‘the sole director of Twitter.’ The move, while unsurprising, highlights how the world’s richest man has quickly cemented his control over one of the world’s most influential platforms, with few if any checks on his power over the company. Almost immediately after Musk completed his $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter, Musk terminated at least four of its top executives, including Agrawal,” the report added.

Musk also restricted Twitter workers’ ability to regulate material and implement the platform’s frequently criticized censorship guidelines.

Bloomberg News reported that “most”  of Twitter’s Trust and Safety team is “unable to alter or penalize accounts that break rules around misleading information, offensive posts and hate speech,” with the exception of situations in which real-world harm could occur if action is not taken.

Some, such as those who subscribe to the United States Constitution, would refer to this as free speech.

Musk formerly supported the Democratic Party, but he is now shifting to the right. Musk does not only express opinions on social concerns. Politically, he has altered his tune as a result of his businessman’s thinking evaluating the situation of America and adjusting for financial realities.

Musk has endorsed one Republican contender for the next presidential election while criticizing the government of President Joe Biden.

It began when Tim Young published a tale with the title  “It’s been a week since @elonmusk brought Trump back… and without him even tweeting once… The left can’t handle it.” This sparked a flurry of tweets from Musk, who expressed his opinion on the previous president’s lack of tweeting and who he would vote for in 2024.

“I’m fine with Trump not tweeting. The important thing is that Twitter correct a grave mistake in banning his account, despite no violation of the law or terms of service. Deplatforming a sitting President undermined public trust in Twitter for half of America,” he said.

“As a reminder, I was a significant supporter of the Obama-Biden presidency and (reluctantly) voted for Biden over Trump.

“But freedom of speech is the bedrock of a strong democracy and must take precedence. My preference for the 2024 presidency is someone sensible and centrist. I had hoped that would the case for the Biden administration, but have been disappointed so far,” he said.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

In another tweet a Twitter user said “Would you support Ron DeSantis in 2024, Elon?” to which Musk responded “Yes” and that sent DeSantis’ name straight to the trending topics on Twitter, Conservative Brief reports. CONTINUE READING…

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