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New Video of Fetterman Shows He Is Unfit to Serve in Senate: ‘What a Freaking Joke!’

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The mental health of Senator John Fetterman is once again in the public eye after a video from a Senate hearing further demonstrated his unsuitability for office.

Earlier this year, the Pennsylvania Democrat admitted himself to the Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland to undergo treatment for symptoms of mental depression. Last month, he was discharged from the hospital.

After departing the hospital, he resumed his legislative duties and continued as usual. Despite his and the Democrats’ best efforts, he repeatedly demonstrates that he lacks the intellectual capacity to serve as a senator.

The most humiliating incident to date occurred during Tuesday’s Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing on the recent failure of the Silicon Valley Bank.

When Fetterman was given the chance to question the former CEO of the now-defunct bank, he instead made a series of rambling, incomprehensible, and fragmented statements.

Fetterman had obvious difficulty assembling his thoughts in the video. He kept fumbling over his words, repeating himself, and leaping from one disjointed thought to the next.

When he eventually poses a question, it will be difficult for the CEO to respond because the inquiry’s purpose is unclear.

Obviously, many individuals responded by expressing their embarrassment on Twitter. “What a friggin’ joke!” One Twitter user compared his incoherence to those of the president. Similar caliber to the Bidens.

Others, on the other hand, took a more sober view of the situation, expressing their sorrow at seeing him struggle during the hearing and their hope that he receives the necessary assistance.

The video is difficult to view. It depicts a man who is coping with a genuine health issue that is severely impeding his physical and emotional ability to perform his job.

Evidently, Joe Biden was praised at Howard University for his “solid analytical intelligence.” Democrats consider idiots to be visionaries. Obviously, they also believe males can pass as women.

Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, chancellor of the university, spoke highly of Biden. Frederick has accomplished much by becoming a physician and even a cancer surgeon. By age 22, he had obtained his M.D. He is not a fragile person. Everything he said about Biden, however, was complete fiction. I was almost convinced that he was mocking him because no one could possibly accept this garbage.

Frederick praised Biden, labeling him a “revered statesman,” a “committed champion of justice,” a “gracious guardian of humanity,” and a “noble patron of peace.”

“You stand in truth, power, integrity, and are blessed in the glory of God,” he said, dubbing him “number one in the global state.” He referred to Biden as a “magnificent commander in chief” who is “expertly leading America in making monumental innovations and passing legislation to improve the quality of life for all.” Biden, according to Frederick, “stood firm and focused in achieving productive results and significant solutions, born of a sincere desire to leave an awesome legacy for our beloved nation.”

He hilariously continued, “Admired for his sound analytical intellect, and open embrace of all, your popularity on both sides of the aisle of the United States, led to your illustrious reputation and outstanding service of 36 years as a Democratic senator from Delaware, beginning at the tender age of 29.”

About halfway through the accolades, you can see Biden move and smile, perhaps barely restraining himself from chuckling because he knows it’s all nonsense. Excellent analytical skills? Support from both sides of the political aisle? Even the majority of Democrats did not want him to run again, as he was never recognized for his intellect during the 1988 election, but rather for his propensity for gaffes and plagiarism. This explains why the sales pitch is so ridiculous. Those who support him do not view him with such admiration.

In April, Fetterman presided over the Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Subcommittee. It was a total failure. Imagine this man in the White House. Stupid Democrats would certainly vote for him.

This man’s demanding occupation requires him to serve millions of individuals. The senator does a disservice not only to the people of Pennsylvania but also to himself by remaining in this position, which is undoubtedly extremely taxing.

Fetterman should be recovering from his illness at home with his family, not conducting this incredibly essential task. Here, the issue is a man’s physical and emotional health, not politics.

If the problem is not resolved, it will only worsen. Obviously, Democrats don’t care; all they want is a seat in the Senate. They desire power at any cost and will do anything to obtain it, which is why they must be defeated on the streets and in the corridors of power by any means.

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