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New Whistleblower Comes Forward With Massive Atom Bomb On Bidens

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Thursday, the IRS allegedly recommended Hunter Biden for multiple felonies, according to whistleblowers, according to House Ways and Means Chair Jason Smith (R-MO).

The investigation into Hunter Biden’s transactions was initiated in November 2018 as a result of a related IRS investigation.

“The investigation was in the ordinary course of work at the IRS. It was not ordered by any individual, any chairman or any political entity,” according to Rep. Smith.

The IRS recommended that Hunter Biden face the following charges:

  • Tax evasion or deception attempts which are felonies.
  • False statements or fraud which are also felonies.
  • Willful neglect to provide information, file returns, or pay taxes.

“Mr. Biden personally received $8.3 million,” Rep. Smith continued.

Instead of being charged with felonies for tax evasion and making fraudulent statements to the government, Hunter received a preferential deal from Joe Biden’s corrupt DOJ. Two misdemeanor accusations for delinquent taxes from 2017 and 2018 were filed against Hunter.

On Tuesday, the news website Trending Politics published new information about the questionable international strategy that Hunter Biden employed to evade millions of dollars in taxes.

In the disclosed testimony of the House Ways and Means Committee regarding Hunter Biden’s business transactions, the second whistleblower, an unnamed lead IRS case agent, detailed the purportedly complex tax evasion scheme involving Hunter Biden.

According to the whistleblower, Hunter avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes on purpose. Reportedly, the convoluted scheme involved the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, where Hunter served as a board member, and a Chinese business associate.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

In 2014, when Joe Biden was serving his second term as vice president in charge of Ukraine policy, the Ukrainian natural gas company put Hunter Biden on its board of directors. The whistleblower stated that Hunter Biden received $666,667 from Burisma for little or no work, and instead of reporting it as income and paying taxes on it, he put the money into a Chinese firm run by one of his associates. The associate then “loaned” the money back to Hunter Biden.

This is yet another method the Biden Crime Family defrauded the IRS and concealed its nefarious international business dealings. And they’ll probably get away with it unless Republicans start the impeachment process right away. CONTINUE READING…

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