Newt Gingrich Sends Shockwaves With Massive Prediction

After House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy predicted 30 or more Democrats would leave the House before the next election, which could lead to a massive Republican victory, Newt Gingrich weighed in saying that, “You could easily be above 30 retirements before this is over.”

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Gingrich, while making an appearance on Fox & Friends, said, “First of all, the House under Nancy Pelosi is not a very happy place, with all the COVID restrictions, all the voting by absentee, all the different things they are doing, the masking, the police requirements. Members actually get checked walking on the floor. I walked on the floor recently, I was astonished that to get on the floor of the House, you go through sort of a TSA system with a policeman watching you, as though you are some subservient person who is a danger to your colleagues.”

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Gingrich went on, “And I think these Democrats are looking forward and thinking, “What is this going to be like if I’m in the minority? And it’s just not any fun. And so I think Kevin’s almost certainly right; you could easily be above 30 retirements before this is over.”

Afterward, Gingrich listed a number of issues he believed Republicans should address if they won back the House:

Controlling the border is a big, big deal. We don’t know where the 1.5 million illegal immigrants from last year — we don’t know where the Biden administration has sent them. We know they weren’t checked for COVID; they weren’t checked for criminal records; they could be in your neighborhood and you have no idea that the Biden administration is shipping people around the country. But it’s deeper than that. We had 100,000 people die last year from drug overdoses. We have an amazing number, a tragic number of suicides. We have a mental health problem which exhibits itself in these homeless towns the size of the one in Los Angeles.

He then noted that 2022 would be very different from 2016:

Look, I think we have to face the reality here; this isn’t 2016; this isn’t a country which is basically comfortable but angry. This is a country which is battered, frightened. For the first time, Americans have a really deep sense that our best days are behind us, we’re very intimated by the scale of the Chinese challenge, and as I said, we have mental health problems on a scale we have never seen, largely compounded by the worst public health decisions, I think, in modern history. All of which deserves to be explored, but people want political leadership which is going to be serious, have an honest conversation and find a way to bring us together to actually fix these things, not just have more of this totally partisan bickering.

Despite the closeness of the midterm elections, McCarthy sees his party regaining control of Congress.

The Democrats held a slim majority in Congress during Biden’s first year in office, with a 50-50 split in the Senate and a 221 to 212 split in the House. At the end of the year, only 12 Republicans will retire or run for a different post, compared with 25 Democrats.

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As a result of declining poll numbers for Biden, rising prices, and the departure of over two dozen members of his caucus, keeping this advantage is becoming increasingly challenging. McCarthy made clear what the minority party plans to accomplish during the 2022 session. He also provided a sneak preview of his elaborate plan to examine the Biden administration’s first two years in power.

During the coming weeks, McCarthy said, federal voting laws will pose a major issue. He added that Democrats were pushing for passage of HR1 in the Senate. In response to GOP-controlled states implementing election security policies, the Democrat-controlled House approved HR1 “For The People Act”, aimed at federalizing the election system, according to a report. Republican Senators blocked HR1 by filibustering. Now Democrats want to abolish the filibuster in order to have elections run by the federal government, not the states.

McCarthy stated that “one-party control” was to blame for COVID-19 spikes, school closures, and economic damage. Additionally, he accused the Biden administration of lacking accountability, asserting that this year, House Republicans can “get America back on track” by keeping the government and Democrats “accountable.”

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According to the chairman of each Republican reelection committee, the GOP will regain control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the midterm elections of 2022. On Sunday, McCarthy told Maria Bartiromo there were several areas in which Democrats must be held accountable.

With their razor-thin majority in both chambers on the line in this year’s midterm elections, Democrats are up against historical odds and a hostile political environment caused by Vice President Joe Biden’s dwindling poll numbers. GOP candidates performed better than predicted in the House in 2020, cutting the Democratic majority in half. According to Fox News, even though Republicans lost control of both the White House and the Senate, they did flip a dozen House seats, and they only need five more to regain the majority they held for eight years before falling victim to the blue wave in the 2018 midterm elections.