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Newt Gingrich Shares Terrifying Secret About Obama

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As per the assertions of former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a perception has developed that former President Barack Obama is attempting to exert some sort of influence on the Biden administration.

Gingrich expressed his views within the framework of an interview that took place on the Fox News program “Hannity,” which was hosted by Pete Hegseth.

As per the assertions of Gingrich, Biden’s prioritization of vacation activities might potentially cause a diversion of attention from the continent’s ongoing challenges.

“He has a pretty decent life, and it doesn’t occur to him that all these other things that are piling up in a way that will be an absolute disaster for the Democratic Party,” he said.

“My personal guess is the driving force behind the Biden administration is Barack Obama,” he added.

“Obama is the only president since Woodrow Wilson to stay in Washington, and in Wilson’s case, he stayed because he had a severe stroke and he could not be moved.”


“So the fact that Obama is here all the time, the fact that his staff permeates, literally permeates the Biden administration, and Obama is really, really smart,” he continued.

“Whatever Biden’s problems are at being kind of slow and cognitively decaying, Obama doesn’t have any of those problem,” the former House Speaker said.

“If you watched the administration, it is much more an Obama administration than, say, the Joe Biden of 10 or 15 years ago.”

“This is a very radical, very left-wing administration deeply dedicated to policies that are close to crazy,” he concluded.

“Their electric car policy is a disaster. As President Trump said, this will destroy at least 100,000 jobs and will achieve nothing in the long run,” he added.

“Their policies, they might propose that Americans are limited to two beers a week — the kind of petty nanny state interference that most Americans will find crazy.”

It is not a novel observation that Obama is essentially guiding the Biden administration.

There are indications, according to a source, that Obama is covertly attempting to supplant Joe Biden, given that Biden’s age may significantly diminish his chances of victory.

Jonathan Martin of Politico reports that former President Obama recently convened a series of meetings with subordinate House of Representatives members. The aforementioned sessions took place at the Washington office of Obama and were accompanied by a variety of cheese and crackers.

The discussion’s substance is still unclear, which has led to inquiries regarding the justification for Obama’s participation at this time, especially in light of the growing perception of Joe Biden as a possible drawback.

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