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Not a Joke: NPR Station Gushes Over Biden’s ‘Christmas Gift’ to America

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Christmas is not precisely festive at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

President Joe Biden is trailing Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the polls as we enter an election year with his approval ratings at an all-time low. Although not at the alarming levels that they once were, inflation continues to surpass the target rate set by the Federal Reserve, and price increases are already becoming ingrained in an economy that is faltering.

Americans are justly dissatisfied.

The vulnerability of the administration overseas has provided an opening for Russia and Hamas to invade Israel and Ukraine, respectively, resulting in protracted conflicts on both fronts. Neither appears likely to diminish in the near future. Domestically, the president is targeted by tax and firearm charges levied against his son, while the president confronts an impeachment investigation concerning the potential infiltration of funds from Hunter’s dubious international transactions into his father’s account.

Nevertheless, the personnel at WBUR-FM in Boston, an NPR affiliate, appear to be devoid of access to the news or, if they do, opt to disregard the majority of it. The fact that our state-funded radio broadcaster published the following commentary article on its website:  “Joe Biden’s drama-free White House is America’s most under-appreciated Christmas gift” is the only conclusion that can be drawn.

Reread the aforementioned words to oneself. They are from NPR and not The Onion or the Babylon Bee. America, your tax funds at work!

Steve Almond is a writer whose animus toward Republicans is pretty obvious; of his five commentary pieces for WBUR before the uproarious one about “Joe Biden’s drama-free White House,” three were about Donald Trump (titled “Trump is a clear and present danger,” Donald Trump and the trap door” and “What to do about Donald Trump,” respectively), one had to do with Fox News (“When truth is an ‘unsellable product’”) and only one of which had to do with something other than propping up the Democrats while excoriating Republicans (a piece about the allegations that former “Daily Show” contributor Hasan Minhaj has fabricated much of the backstory that’s made up his onstage comic act).

However, there he is, just prior to the unveiling of gifts beneath our Christmas trees (which are more costly than ever due to unbridled inflation), replete with merry hokum about how we should be expressing our gratitude to our aging puppet-in-chief for everything he has bestowed upon us this winter.

“With Hanukkah just over, and Christmas fast approaching, Americans are thinking a lot about gifts these days. According to Gallup in fact, we’re on pace to spend more this holiday season than we have in a quarter century,” Almond began.

“Much of the reason for this can be attributed to President Joe Biden’s administration, which has helped engineer an economic recovery few thought possible when he came into office. Under his watch, inflation has plummeted with no sign of a recession. GDP growth was at 5% last quarter, with historically low unemployment, and robust wage growth.”

This essentially amounts to a two-paragraph summary of all that is flawed in the minds of those who hastily defend “Bidenomics.”

The “historically low unemployment and robust wage growth” have been primarily driven by the American economy’s gradual but consistent recovery from the devastating effects of pandemic lockdowns. To accomplish this, Joe Biden did not do a thing; in fact, he pursued policies that promoted worker infertility, contributed to the escalation of inflation, and did nothing to address the petroleum and housing crises. CONTINUE READING…

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