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Now We Know the Fate of Las Vegas Shooter’s $1.4 Million Estate, Multiple Homes and Guns

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Families of victims of the October 2017 massacre on the Las Vegas Strip will receive nearly all of the $1.4 million estate of the man who carried out the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history and committed suicide before police arrived, according to a probate case that concluded Thursday in Nevada.

In the coming weeks, nearly $1.3 million will be distributed to the families of 61 victims of the shooting, according to Las Vegas attorney Alice Denton, who managed the case with her colleague, Jarien Cho, at no expense to the estate of the shooter, Stephen Paddock.

Denton stated that the more than five-year process to appraise, sell, and distribute proceeds from Paddock’s assets, including two residences and an investment property in Nevada, a vehicle, and 49 firearms, had been completed.

“We worked to ensure that the victims’ families received the most that they could,” Denton told The Associated Press.

“The guns were destroyed, and the funds will be distributed to the families of the deceased victims according to the direction of the shooter’s mother. None of the money is going to anyone in the Paddock family.”

Authorities reported that two additional victims succumbed to their wounds months after the incident. Over 850 individuals were injured.

The court sequestered the list of beneficiaries of Paddock’s estate, and Denton said she could not reveal the identity of the 61st recipient or how they perished.

“This is not intended in any way to compensate for the loss of these lives. It can’t,” Clark County District Court Judge Gloria Sturman said as she closed the case, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

According to court documents, an anonymous donor purchased the firearms in January 2019 for $62,500 with the stipulation that they be turned over to the FBI. Among the firearms were rifles found to have been modified with “bump stock” devices to increase their rate of fire.

According to documents provided by the FBI to the estate on February 28, 36 of the weapons were incinerated, while 13 were retained by the bureau for training purposes.

Las Vegas police and the FBI stated that Paddock’s decision to open fire on a concert audience of 22,000 people across Las Vegas Boulevard from a 32nd-floor suite at the Mandalay Bay resort was never adequately explained.

Recent disclosures of FBI-collected materials and Las Vegas police letters have provided new perspectives on the case, but no new answers.

Paddock was a 64-year-old retired postal worker, accountant, and real estate investor with a propensity for firearms and gambling who owned properties in the retirement communities of Reno and Mesquite, more than an hour’s drive from Las Vegas.

His investment property was located in Henderson’s suburbs.

Formerly on the FBI’s most-wanted list, his father was a notorious bank burglar and federal prison escapee.

Stephen Paddock was a licensed private pilot who occasionally wagered tens of thousands of dollars playing video poker.

Police and the FBI determined that Paddock meticulously planned the shooting, depleted his personal savings of more than $1.5 million, and distanced himself from his fiancée and family in the months preceding the Las Vegas massacre.

In September 2020, MGM Resorts International and its insurers reached a $800 million settlement with more than 4,400 relatives and victims of the shooting to resolve lawsuits involving plaintiffs from nearly every U.S. state, at least eight Canadian provinces, the United Kingdom, Iran, and Ireland.

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