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NRA Warns That Chuck Schumer’s New Bill Is an ‘Attack on the Constitution Itself’

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Alarm is being issued by the National Rifle Association regarding a potential second assault on the Second Amendment.

Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s latest proposal to ban so-called assault weapons, according to an NRA spokesman who spoke with Fox News, is an effort to “destroy our self-defense and Second Amendment rights.”

“Sen. Chuck Schumer launched a failed attack on the Constitution itself, targeting firearms legally owned and used by millions of Americans,” Randy Kozuch, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said Wednesday.

“This is yet another attempt by gun control extremists to erode and eventually destroy our self-defense and Second Amendment rights,” he continued.

Kozuch’s comments were a response to Schumer’s pledge to put forward legislation banning “assault weapons.”

“This week, I will put the Assault Weapons Ban on the Senate floor,” Schumer wrote in a social media post on Tuesday.

“After I led the passage of the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban 30 years ago, America saw a decrease in mass shootings and gun deaths,” the senator said.

“We must stand with the American people and against the gun lobby,” he added.

The United States, according to the Guardian of the United Kingdom, set a record for the most lethal mass shootings in a single calendar year prior to Schumer’s proposal. The outlet reported that 38 shootings in the country in 2023 resulted in the deaths of four or more individuals. In 2022, the previous record stood at 36.

Speaking on the Senate floor on Wednesday, the New York Democrat asked for unanimous consent on a proposal to introduce an “assault weapons ban, among other gun safety legislation,” which he claimed would end the “scourge of gun violence in America.”

Opposition to firearms uses the term “assault weapons” to disparage them. Considering the inherent nature of firearms as weapons of assault, the expression is essentially devoid of any significance.

One individual who disapproved of the proposal was Senator John Barrasso, a Republican from Wyoming, who cautioned that it could infringe upon the constitutional rights of the American people.

“Almost every single page of the bill that’s in front of us today adds new restrictions and new burdens on people who follow the law,” the senator said.

“It tells you what you can buy, what you can’t buy,” Barrasso continued. “It bans more than 205 rifles, shotguns and pistols by name.

“Republicans reject these unjustified and unconstitutional restrictions.”

Kozuch thanked the senator for speaking in defense of Second Amendment rights.

“NRA’s millions of members are grateful to Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming for courageously standing on principle and championing the rights of law abiding Americans and stopping Schumer’s egregious onslaught on the rights of responsible gun owners,” he said, according to Fox News.

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