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Number of Americans Identifying as Democrats Plunges to Record Low: Poll

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A new poll released a year ago indicates that the proportion of Americans who identify as Democrats reached an all-time low. This development comes just ten months before the Democratic Party attempts to re-elect its unpopular president.

According to a Gallup survey published on Friday, the Democratic Party’s numerical advantage vanished in 2023, and for the first time since 2004, the number of Republicans is equal to that of Democrats.

By the conclusion of the year, a similar proportion of Americans (27 percent) declared their political affiliation as Democrats or Republicans.

Since 2008, when the nation elected Barack Obama as its 44th president, the proportion of Americans who identify as Democrats has been declining.

Party identification has been in the Democrats’ favor over the Republicans’ since 2005, with the exception of the majority of years dating back to 1988, when Gallup began monitoring the metric.

In 2008, a mere 28 percent of Americans identified as Republicans, while 35 percent identified as Democrats.

The Democrats’ support had decreased to 31% by 2010.

In 2016, following several moderate declines, the party’s support for Republican candidate Donald Trump during his inaugural presidential campaign against Democrat Hillary Clinton had returned to 31%.

Over the past decade, the proportion of individuals who identify as Republicans has remained relatively constant.

The current state of the party divide is dead even.

Concurrently, the proportion of Americans who self-identify as politically independent has surged to its all-time high.

In 2023, 43 percent of the American population identified as independent, the same percentage as in 2014.

In 2004, 31% of individuals identified as independent, the lowest percentage ever.

“Independents first outnumbered supporters of both major political parties in 1991 and have continued to do so since then, except in several years between 2004 and 2008,” Gallup said in a statement on the new poll.

“Over time, the increase in the percentage of independents has come more at the expense of Democrats than Republicans, which might be expected since Democrats were previously the largest political group,” it said.

Gallup further noted that “Democratic identification has now declined by one point in each of the past three years. These declines, and the new low registered in 2023, are likely tied to President Joe Biden’s unpopularity.”

The pollster also concluded that Biden’s party is “clearly in a weaker position than they have been in any recent election year.”

Gallup conducted a telephone survey of 12,145 American adults throughout 2023, estimating the margin of error to be one percentage point.

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