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Obama Chef’s Death Takes Alarming Turn After Phone Call Released

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The news of the death of the former first family’s personal chef has disrupted the news cycle this week, providing Americans with yet another scandal involving the disastrously dishonest former president Barack Hussein Obama and his spoiled companion Michele Obama.

Independent media sources are reporting that the athletic and longtime friend Tafari Campbell drowned while paddle boarding in a shallow lagoon behind the Obamas’ Martha’s Vineyard mansion.

Tafari Campbell was killed in a mysterious accident on the reservoir behind the Obamas’ residence. During a nighttime paddle boarding excursion on placid water with another individual, he was reportedly seen tumbling off the board and not reemerging.

It is unknown if the person who made the emergency calls was the person with whom Campbell was paddle boarding, and the Police do not appear to be interested in determining this.

Since the death was announced, CBK News has been publishing updates, claiming to have a correspondent on the scene for exclusive reporting who has been investigating some very peculiar details of the night Campbell passed away:

According to additional Independent media reports, the cause of death is not as clear-cut as the leftist’s media allies in the corporate media would have us believe.

The Daily Mail, in their exclusive reporting, stated that Campbell’s paddle boarding death is a mystery, and that “Cops left call log reporting Obama private chef’s drowning BLANK and said it came from 2 miles away – as they refuse to say who he was with on the water with him,” leading to speculation that Barack Obama or Michele Obama accompanied the drowned chef prior to his death.

“The call came into Edgartown Police Department at 7.46pm but in logs, the reason is blank,” DM reported.

Reports in the media provide additional details:

In official documents from the night of the accident, Martha’s Vineyard police did not record the cause for the 911 call reporting the drowning of Obama private chef Tafari Campbell.

Tafari, 45, tumbled into the water while paddle boarding on Great Edgartown Pond on Sunday night. He was not alone on the water, but police refused to identify his companion.

At 7:46 p.m., a 911 call reported that he had fallen in and was unable to return to the surface.

This contact is recorded in the Edgartown Police Department’s logs, but the cause is conspicuously absent. The reason given for every other call that night.

And here is something that is extremely troubling and suggests a cover-up:

“The origin of the call is also listed as Wilson’s Landing – a paddle board launch site, some two miles from the Obamas’ house on Turkeyland Cove, where Massachusetts State Police say the first call came from, DM reported, along with the following graphic:

While the police are prepared to provide an explanation for their contact, other media sources are growing increasingly suspicious, citing evidence that Campbell may have been assaulted prior to drowning.


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