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Obama Makes Move With Democrats Behind Biden’s Back

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The approaching 2024 presidential election highlights the robust health of former President Donald Trump, who is far ahead of other candidates for the Republican nomination, and the weak health of incumbent President Joe Biden. Although Biden has declared his candidacy for president, his mental and physical decline is not wasted on the press.

Fox News presenter Harris Faulkner, for example, did not mince words when she lambasted Biden for falling on stage at the U.S. Air Force Academy commencement earlier this month. During an episode of “Outnumbered,” Faulkner stated that Biden “looked like a bug” after his on-stage fall, contending that he presented a “very vulnerable, capitulated view for an enemy.”

The Democratic Party has moved further and further to the left over the past few decades. This has resulted in a migration of Democrats to the Republican party, bringing a more liberal perspective to the “moderates” or RINOS within the party. The extremist liberals gaining control of the Democratic Party is another consequence. Some people classify “progressive” Democratic leaders as Marxists, and “moderate” Democrats are now further to the left than ever before.

Former President Barak Obama, a pillar of the left, has remained out of the spotlight since Vice President Joe Biden assumed office, but there are indications that his position within the party may soon be in the spotlight.

Conservative Brief discusses a modest but significant event hosted by former President Obama.

Jonathan Martin, the political bureau chief for Politico, reported Thursday that former President Barack Obama recently hosted a number of meetings with younger House Democrats which were described as “informal, but lengthy” and which “took place over cheese and crackers in Obama’s Washington office.”

Martin described the meetings as “private,” but they were not entirely secretive, as “Obama’s advisers took care to alert the Biden West Wing about the conversations.”

“The gatherings were Obama’s idea, I’m told, and were designed for the now-61-year-old former president to keep current with his party’s rising stars, more than six years after he left office,” he added. “The sessions…are striking for a number of reasons.”

He noted further:

The former president was careful to avoid criticizing Biden with the lawmakers, only encouraging Democrats to be aggressive marketing their accomplishments. They should establish their own identity, he said, while allowing that the party’s fate in 2024 would be largely tied to Biden’s success.

Multiple attendees of the conversations told me it was never fully clear to them why Obama wanted to gather. The meetings were described to me a mix of get-to-know-you chatter mixed with long-winded advice, talk of best practices and curiosity about what the lawmakers were hearing at home.

So why hold the meeting? Indicators point to the possibility that Obama is laying the groundwork for Biden’s failure in 2014 and preparing the Democratic Party for a revival independent of Biden.

Throughout the segment on “Outnumbered,” former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany displayed a photograph of the autumn. This prompted the co-hosts to take turns criticizing Biden and the “message” he sent to the world.

“His images often summed up a presidency and I saw his yesterday of this, he tweeted it out, and it’s just this image of the Biden presidency of him being helped up in a kind of decrepit position, and it’s, you risk an image like this defining your presidency, regardless of the sandbag, but just the questions of mental acuity and more,” McEnany offered.

Faulkner issued a similar response.

“Well, I’m just gonna say it – just before that photograph was taken, he was on the ground with his heels and the soles of his feet faced the sky and it reminded me of when he had fallen off the bike, he wasn’t clipped into the bike, but he had his feet in the clips, he wasn’t moving, he had stopped, and he tipped over and he ended up like in sort of a bug position with his heels and his hands to the- that is a very vulnerable, capitulated view to an enemy,” Faulkner said.

“And just knowing that our enemies see him like that and the soles of his feet and can’t get up on his own and that sort of thing is difficult. But having that compassion that Emily is talking about is important. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. really wants to debate this president, but he told me he was never gonna debate him. I mean, Biden can’t go do that,” Faulkner added.

According to Politico, when Obama holds meetings of this type, he invites both progressives and moderates, such as Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) and Haley Stevens (D-Michigan). As an example, how to prevent coming across as qan elitist and the “lagging number” of black men voting are discussed.

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