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Obama Refuses To Say If He’s Searching For Classified Documents

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In the ongoing drama of secret document discovery, the focus is shifting to a number of previous United States presidents.

When the FBI searched the Florida residence of former President Trump and confiscated boxes of records, Trump instantly asserted that he had personally DECLASSIFIED the materials prior to leaving office. The relevant materials were intended for Trump’s presidential library. The FBI had previously visited the document storage location at Mar-a-Lago and viewed the safe room, but wanted more locks to be added to the current locks, which Trump cooperated with. Why the FBI would conduct a house raid after having already examined and assessed the situation is unknown.

Then, it was discovered that current President Joe Biden was in possession of secret information from his tenure as vice president and senator, when he lacked the security clearance and declassification authority of a president. In addition, the records in Biden’s possession contain information regarding Joe and Hunter Biden’s overseas transactions, which are currently the subject of an inquiry.

The discovery of classified materials at the residence of former vice president Mike Pence is a developing story. Pence has indicated that he was ignorant of the records in his possession, and he is assisting the FBI.

Partisan and legal viewpoints abound in the speculation on the explosion of document discovery and the disparities between the instances.

The New York Times stated that Joe Biden’s own secret disarray might hinder the prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling data.

Peter Baker, senior White House writer for The New York Times, wrote: “Politically it has effectively let former President Donald J. Trump off the hook for hoarding secret papers,” Some legal experts have decided that Biden’s careless handling of secret information might make prosecuting Trump more difficult, despite the cases’ seeming dissimilarity.

Now, the subject of document possession encompasses further previous presidents. Tuesday, a representative for Barack Obama refused to comment on whether the former president was inspecting his houses for secret materials. Fox News questioned Obama’s communications director, Hannah Hankins, on Tuesday if he too was doing home searches. “We have nothing for you at this time,” she told the channel.

CNN reported that today, spokespeople for former Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama replied to concerns concerning their personal document holdings by stating that they “turned over their classified records to the National Archives upon leaving office.”

CNN said that “None of the former president’s representatives said they were conducting additional searches of homes or offices where documents could potentially be stored”.

David Axelrod, a former top advisor to Obama, told James Baker, as evidence of the politicized character of the situation, that although Trump’s and Biden’s conduct were vastly different, “in the court of public opinion” they may be viewed as equivalent. Daily Mail said that according to a study, American citizens feel both Biden and Trump are at blame, however the majority acknowledge that Trump’s conduct were more “egregious.” Seventy-seven percent of those questioned by ABC News and Ipsos said Trump improperly handled confidential materials, while 64 percent felt Biden had.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

A CNN poll conducted by SSRS showed that more than 8 in 10 Americans approve of the appointment of a special counsel to investigate classified documents found in President Biden’s possession. that poll finds broad approval across party lines for the appointment, with 88% of Republicans, 84% of Independents and 80% of Democrats saying they approve of it.

An ABC News-Ipsos poll, published on Sunday, found that 64% of those polled said Biden’s handling of classified documents after his vice presidency was inappropriate. CONTINUE READING…

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