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Officials in Tennessee Say Release of Trans Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto is Being Stalled by the FBI

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Audrey Hale’s manic writings, which a Tennessee public official characterized as a “blueprint for total destruction,” were discovered immediately after her insane murder spree, but have not yet been disclosed to the public.

According to reports, the murderer’s manifesto confessions are being intentionally withheld from the public.

Hale took vengeance on a private school in a church and murdered six people; authorities reportedly discovered’memoirs’ and multiple firearms after the March 31 massacre that killed six people.

NBC reported Hale’s motivation at the time:

“A sense of “resentment” might have played a role in a 28-year-old’s deadly attack on the private Christian school they once attended, Nashville police said Monday.

The shooter, Nashville resident Audrey Hale, had no previous criminal record before opening fire at The Covenant School, killing three children and three adults, authorities said.

“There’s some belief that there was some resentment for having to go to that school,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told Lester Holt of NBC News.

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tennessee, told the New York Post this week that the FBI was responsible for the delay, advocating for the release of the documents to bereaved families and Congress.

The public’s interest in the manifesto is also significant, according to social media posts:

The manifesto “could maybe tell us a little bit about what’s going on inside of her head,” Burchett told the newspaper. “I think that would answer a lot of questions.”

Mike LaChance posed concerns regarding the FBI’s refusal to release the documents to the public and reported on a Fox News story.

“It has been weeks since transgender assassin Audrey Hale attacked a Nashville school, murdering six people, including three children, and the public has yet to see the manifesto she left behind.

Glenn Greenwald, a journalist, has attempted to access the document but has been barred at every turn.

Now, officials in Tennessee assert that the FBI is delaying the release of the document. Why?” LaChance inquired.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

“Tennessee officials say FBI stalling the release of Nashville shooter Audrey Hale manifesto, Authorities have delayed the release of a manifesto penned by Hale. CONTINUE READING…

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