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Okay, It’s Official… Mitch McConnell Has Finally Lost His Freaking Mind…

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I’m sorry, but the wonderful people of Kentucky require a mental examination. Why do they continue to elect the number one RINO warmonger to the United States Senate?

This guy is 100 times worse than Romney or Murkowski because he really has authority, and he’s still going strong despite the fact that he doesn’t represent “America First” and has nothing in common with the Republican base.

Why? Please explain to me why…

And now, Mitch has finally gone over the deep end and lost his freaking mind on Ukraine — a country into which we are pouring BILLIONS while Americans cannot purchase eggs and our borders are flooded with lethal fentanyl and God knows what else.

Mitch asserts that despite all of this, the safety of the United States is contingent on Ukraine’s border protection.

Does this individual smoke crack with Hunter? They truly believe you’re an idiot…

According to Breitbart, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) stated on Friday that the security of the United States depends on the protection of the Ukrainian border from Russian invasion.

McConnell said in Finland, at the conclusion of his taxpayer-funded European tour, that the United States, the strongest nation on earth, is dependent on Ukraine, a non-NATO member, for its security.

“As my fellow leading Republicans and I have explained, it is not an act of charity for the United States and our NATO allies to help supply the Ukrainian people’s self-defense,” McConnell said. “It is a direct investment in our own core national interests. America is a world power with worldwide interests. Our security and prosperity are deeply intertwined with a secure and stable Europe.”

More than $110 billion in public funds have been allotted by establishment politicians to guard Ukraine’s border, while the United States border patrol faced almost 2 million illegal immigrants during fiscal year 2022.

Instead of mentioning the assault on the southern border, McConnell stated that the money spent on Ukraine’s border, which is thousands of miles from the continental United States, will “directly strengthen America’s defense.”

“This means that a significant portion of the money Congress has appropriated is going directly to strengthen America’s own defense by replenishing our inventories with more modern versions of these older weapons we have transferred to Ukraine,” he claimed.

McConnell claimed funding Ukraine’s border from invasion was the right thing to do, noting peace the “road to peace lies in speedily surging Ukraine the tools they need to achieve victory as they define it”:

It is not sufficient to do the right things; we must also do them at the correct speed. The Biden administration and our allies must work more aggressively to guarantee that our collective support to Ukraine and the investments we each make in our own military are carried out with the utmost expediency.
According to estimates by the State Department, the Biden administration has implemented around 1,500 new and 750 revised sanctions and export curbs against Russia.

And if that’s not bad enough, here’s what McConnell thinks about what’s important in America – what’s the #1 most important thing according to Mitch?

Ukraine, of course.

What a clown.


Yes, Ukraine is the most important thing to people like Mitch and Biden, who are desperately trying to keep hidden all the nasty crap they’ve done and buried in that corrupt country.


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