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One Minor Detail May Signal Trump’s Epic Comeback

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Friday marked the end of former President Donald Trump’s exclusivity agreement with Truth Social, and social media may never be the same again.

According to Rolling Stone, sources close to Trump revealed that he did not want to renew his exclusivity agreement with social media company Truth Social, the app founded by his company Trump Media & Technology Group. Trump is gearing up for the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential race.

The stipulation, which was detailed in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, required Trump to share any social media communications on his Truth Social account six hours prior to publishing the same content on other platforms.

According to the conditions of the exclusivity contract, Trump was required to provide notice to prevent the clause’s automatic renewal for another six months. Even if the exclusivity agreement expired, Trump would be required to simultaneously post content on Truth Social, according to the filing.

Although Trump had previously stated that he had no plans to return to Twitter, he may have altered his mind in light of the intensifying presidential campaign and the success of Tucker Carlson’s new “Tucker On Twitter” program under Elon Musk’s management of the social platform.

Before his suspension, Trump ushered in a new era of politics marked by his unprecedented use of Twitter as a potent political instrument.

His ability to individualize and disseminate information and his opinions enraptured Americans on both sides of the political spectrum, allowing him to circumvent media intermediaries and communicate his unique, unfiltered opinions.

Trump made it impossible to ignore him on Twitter, regardless of whether you liked or disliked him.

Trump’s messages were effective due to their originality and capacity to captivate and influence discourse.

They reflected the nation’s polarized nature and politics. The tweets elicited passionate responses from both supporters and opponents, fortifying their conviction in the justness of their respective causes.

Trump’s candor was a welcome departure from other conservative candidates’ political correctness.

He conveyed more than most profound speeches could in fewer than 280 characters, because he addressed the issues without duplicity or pretension.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

He just said what he was thinking.

And America loved it.

One of Trump’s most iconic tweets was the now-famous “Covfefe” tweet on May 31, 2017.

Five words that weren’t even a complete sentence. CONTINUE READING…

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