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Outrage Over Subway Sign Message Used To Sell Sandwiches

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A “disgusting” sign at a Subway restaurant in Rincon, Georgia, appeared to allude to the detonation of the submersible OceanGate Titan in the Atlantic Ocean.

WTOC 11 reported that the sign’s four words, “Our subs don’t implode,” sparked controversy in a Savannah suburb. A store manager informed the news organization that the sign had been taken down.

On June 18, five individuals succumbed while exploring the Titanic’s wreckage in a submersible.

Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman, as well as OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush, Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, and Hamish Harding, were on board.

One Twitter user called out the sandwich shop on Twitter, saying, “@SUBWAY this is at your store in Rincon, GA. Not only is it distasteful, it’s just sad. Do better.”

Another person demanded that the individual responsible for the sign be dismissed.

“Fire the person responsible for this sign and do a cooperate apology, thats super inconsiderate,” the user wrote.

“They should never refer to anything on their menu regarding that situation,” another added. “Shame on Subway.”

Subway provided Fox News with a statement outlining their stance on the signage.

“We have been in contact with the franchise about this matter and made it clear that this kind of comment has no place in our business,” Subway told the outlet. “The sign has since been removed.”

Subway was not the first business to be criticized for bringing up the submersible disaster.

Netflix added the 1997 film “Titanic” by James Cameron to its library just days after the disaster, garnering criticism from some, according to Variety.

According to the publication, the date was coincidental because the transaction had been planned for months.

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