Outraged Kamala Sent Sickening Message To WH Staffers

Last week, a COVID-19 test on Vice President Kamala Harris came back positive.

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The White House raised eyebrows by announcing what she was prescribed for her treatment.

Kamala’s press secretary, Kirsten Allen, announced that she took an antiviral medication that should only be prescribed to those at high risk.

“Today, after consultation with her physicians, the Vice President was prescribed and has taken Paxlovid,” Allen declared.

The announcement created questions about how serious Harris’ condition is and if we’re not being told everything, which seems important since she’s 1st in line to assume the presidency if anything should happen to Joe Biden.

Now, another thing has been leaked about the vice president that she surely didn’t want the public to know.

At a time when Americans are faced with unprecedented inflation, a raging border crisis and a frightening wave of crime, Vice President Kamala Harris is enraged that White House staffers do not stand when she enters a room.

New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns reveal that in “This Will Not Pass,” a book they co-authored.

On Sunday, they appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to discuss some alarming findings they uncovered in their research, which revealed the deep rift between Harris and Biden’s aides.

Chuck Todd, the show’s host, related: “Here’s one anecdote you have: ‘Harris worried that Biden’s staff looked down on her; she fixated on real and perceived snubs in ways the West Wing found tedious.

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“‘When Harris walked into a room, the White House staff did not stand up the way they did for Biden. The vice president took it as a sign of disrespect.’”

It shocked the MSNBC host that the White House organized a meeting to discuss this issue. Harris, who was clearly irate, was outraged that Biden’s staff didn’t respect her.

“What was astonishing here is apparently, there was a meeting about this,” Todd exclaimed.

“Yes,” Martin answered. “The chief of staff to Kamala Harris telephoned the West Wing and told a senior adviser in the West Wing to Biden, ‘The VP has noticed this and she would like folks to stand — staff members to stand — when she enters the room.’”

Continuing, he said: “This pulls back, I think, the curtain on what this White House is really like. The tensions are deep and they are real between the VP’s office and the West Wing.”

Martin pointed out that the administration is extremely splintered due to tensions arising from the dismal approval ratings of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

In the past six months, Harris’ staff has lost 13 employees. All of those resigned.

“What is hovering over all of this, Chuck, is ’24,” Martin explained. “Is Biden going to run again? And if not, is it going to be VP Harris?

“That is the mood music hanging over the entire Democratic Party right now, as are Biden’s poor numbers.”

According to co-author Burns, Biden was warned from the start that inflation would skyrocket and that border issues would damage his poll ratings, yet he persisted in ignoring these dire warnings.

Despite this administration’s ridiculous claim that it was not aware of inflation’s escalation, research released by these scholars contradicts this statement.

“I think one of the prevailing narratives about the White House is that they didn’t see inflation coming, how they didn’t see it coming, that immigration was going to be this persistent political headache,” Burns said, according to a transcript of the segment.

He added: “What we reveal in the book is that the president’s own chief pollster was warning as early as April of 2021. The president’s barely taken office at that point, and his pollsters are already warning him, ‘You’ve got to take this stuff seriously.’ And they just didn’t.”

In other words, the book seems to confirm that this administration is polarized, and that Harris is unfit to lead this country.

The multiple gaffes Harris makes, her staff’s mass departure, and her inappropriate cackling fit have dragged the Democratic Party and Biden down.

Even in California, where Kamala Harris grew up, nearly half of Americans disapprove of the job she is doing as vice president.

A UC Berkeley/Los Angeles Times poll last month found that only 35 percent of California voters are happy with Harris’ performance and 45 percent are dissatisfied with her.

Her low approval rating among her own home states now shows how unpopular Harris is at the federal level.

Another poll released in April showed that if the 2024 election were held today, both President Biden and Vice President Harris would lose to Trump.

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Harvard CAPS-Harris poll exclusively obtained by The Hill shows that Trump leads Biden by six points, another grim sign for a White House riddled with declining approval ratings and multiple crises.

45% of respondents to a survey say they will support Trump in 2024, while 41% support Biden. 12% said they are unsure.

The results for Harris are even worse than for her boss, as she trails Trump by 11 percentage points.

According to the hypothetical vote, Kamala received 38 percent of the vote, while Trump received 49 percent, which is two points higher than the Trump-Biden matchup.

Maybe Harris would be able to enter any room without a massive ego if she accomplished something that earned people’s respect. Of course, if she accomplished anything of note, her head would probably become even more inflated.