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PAC to Draft Tucker Carlson for President Has Ad Set to Hit Television – Watch Here

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A new PAC has been established to add former Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson to the Republican Party’s expanding field of 2024 presidential candidates.

Carlson’s top-rated program was taken off the air last month, and he plans to transfer a version of it to Twitter.

The Hill reports that the Draft Tucker PAC was founded last month to promote Carlson’s candidacy and will begin broadcasting an ad for him on Newsmax. Carlson’s comments about the White House are made with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

“Republicans need a new leader, and Tucker Carlson is ready to lead. No one in America is more articulate and pins down leftists in both parties better than Tucker,” the ad began, with an array of Carlson’s targets appearing throughout the ad.

“Tucker always fought for us, like Rush Limbaugh did,” the ad said, with an image of Limbaugh appearing behind Carlson.

“Tucker Carlson is witty, sharp, and mocks woke nonsense,” the ad proclaimed. “Tucker will whip Biden in a debate. Sign the petition. Draft Tucker Carlson for president.”

Over at tuckerpac.com, the site supporting the draft Carlson effort, the site’s chatter said that the GOP “is at a crossroads fighting back and forth over politicians. But right now we don’t need another politician, what we need right now is a TRUTH-TELLER!”

“Week after week, Tucker delivered the highest television ratings because he isn’t afraid to tell the truth and he won’t stop fighting for our Freedoms. When the government oversteps — Tucker is the first to call them out. When they wanted to give you the jab, he called out Fauci and the Pharmacy Fabrications,” the site said.

“In 2020 when the integrity of our Elections was called into question, he lead the movement into making sure they were honest. When you watch Joe Biden all you see is an old senile man, who can barely put a sentence together. We know that’s not the case with Carlson.”

The site said Carlson would “Stand up to China; Bring back America First Energy; Support Parental Rights in the Classroom; Fight for Election Integrity; Bring honor and Dignity back to the White House.”

According to The Hill, the PAC’s chair, Texan Chris Ekstrom, stated that while Carlson has never declared his intention to run for office, the venture has a serious purpose.

“I’m very concerned that they’re going to not move the debate as far right as it ought to be,” Ekstrom said, referring to GOP frontrunners Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

“If Tucker Carlson entered the race in a reasonable amount of time and just continued in the same territory that he was covering at Fox, I think that’d be a rude awakening for both President Trump and Gov. DeSantis,” he said.

Charlie Kolean, a Republican political consultant, stated that Carlson’s participation in the campaign would immediately alter its dynamics.

“I think it will move the conversation to the right, just in a macro way, with candidates taking more solid stances rather than being like a moderate Republican,” Kolean said.

According to The Hill, “a source close to Carlson” criticized the effort.

“Tucker is not running for president. He’s said that repeatedly on the record. Whoever is running this group is trying to make a quick buck and should be ashamed. No one should donate to this PAC,” the source said.

Ekstrom said the PAC is not a gimmick.

“This isn’t some kind of scam PAC or grift. I hate that. That is something that I’ve always tried to oppose,” Ekstrom said.

“All the money is spent on the fight with me,” Ekstrom said, adding that he believes Carlson has been “testing the water for quite a while.”

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