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Pelosi Already Has Her Eyes on Another Job

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With the midterm elections in November rapidly approaching, many believe that the Republican Party will seize control of the House. This would unseat Nancy Pelosi, the current Democratic speaker of the House.

If this occurs, Pelosi apparently has another position in mind. Fox Business reported on Monday that the California Democrat would prefer to be named as the next U.S. ambassador to Italy.

According to unnamed sources cited in the story, President Joe Biden may be holding the ambassadorship open for her.

This would explain why the job remains unfilled since Biden assumed president.

Politico reported last month that Italy is the only member of the Group of Seven top economic nations without a full-fledged U.S. ambassador.

“Is it really that hard to find someone to spend a few years living in a 15th century villa in Rome?” the outlet asked.

“Or perhaps the problem is that Nancy Pelosi — worried about losing the speakership of the House in November — wants Rome as a back-up option. Is the seat being kept warm for her?” it said.

Italian authorities have expressed alarm at the absence of an American ambassador.

A source from the Italian business community told Politico, “You need the ambassador here now because the leadership of the country is changing.”

According to Fox Business, 101 ambassadors nominated by Biden have been approved by the Senate.

Typically, ambassador positions are reserved for people who assisted the president in gaining election.

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Fox Business claimed that the ambassador’s house in Italy, Villa Taverna in Rome, features a swimming pool, private gardens, and a three-story wine cellar, making it a desirable position.

Pelosi’s office did not respond to the outlet’s request for comment on the situation.

Republicans need only a handful of seats to take over the House in November. Democrats hold a 219-211 majority.

“Republicans remain the favorites to win control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections,” The Wall Street Journal reported on Aug. 28.

However, it said, “Public polling and recent election results are prompting Democrats, nonpartisan election observers and some Republicans to expect a more competitive battle this fall.”

Whether the midterms bring a “red wave” or just a “red ripple,” there is a good chance that Pelosi won’t be speaker of the House come January.

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