Pelosi Just Got Brutal Surprise Outside Her House

No one knows if radical pro-abortion activists in front of the home of a radical speaker of the House is ‘Kabuki Theater’ or whether it is just another scheme in a long line of schemes to shape public opinion and defraud the American people. But it is worth looking into.

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It an excellent example of how the left use political theater to promote their agenda, an Anti-American, radical far-leftist, who is also a lifelong government-dependent- is getting a taste of her own medicine.

But likely, it is all for show and to set a national narrative to further harass Republicans.

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After a full week of seeing conservative US Supreme Court Justices hounded by a violent leftist mob, ahead of a potential unfavorable ruling on Roe V. Wade, some of the left have now targeted a fellow leftist. This is very curious.

Marxist Community Organizers took the streets in front of the private residences of a few Republican SCOTUS justices this week, in hopes of bullying them into changing their vote on an anticipated landmark decision that would send the issue of abortion back to the states, leading a fatal financial blow to the Democrat Party.

The group of street Activists, who are defending their macabre love of killing babies, went as far as to threaten to ‘burn Eucharist’ in a display of ‘disgust’ toward Catholics.

‘Bigotry’, and expressed ‘disgust’ for the Catholic Church, is what the national group wrote about before a few groups entered some churches to harass congregants while they were praying.

Fox News reported on that action:

“Pro-choice group Ruth Sent Us, a reference to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, threatened to burn the Eucharist in response to a Twitter user who offered to pray for them after they called for protests at Catholic churches and justices’ homes.

“Stuff your rosaries and your weaponized prayer. We will remain outraged after this weekend, so keep praying. We’ll be burning the Eucharist to show our disgust for the abuse Catholic Churches have condoned for centuries,” tweeted the organization, which has called on abortion supporters to protest at Catholic churches across the country over the Mother’s Day weekend.

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and St. Peter’s Church Catholic Church, both of which are on Capitol Hill, reportedly requested increased police presence amid fears that protesters will attempt to disrupt Sunday morning Mass.”

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The Marxist intimidation tactics have been frightening to see, and the Democrats from the White House down have turned a blind eye to the left’s continued violence- so let’s see what they say when a group of Pro-Choice activists show up at the home of US Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Will they play along?

Independent Journal Review reported on the Pro-Choice action at Pelosi’s home:

Pro-choice protesters gathered outside of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) home, accusing her of being “complicit” with the “fascist Republican Party.”

On Tuesday, the protesters joined together in front of her San Francisco residence.

“We’re here because Nancy Pelosi and the whole leadership of the Democratic Party has been complicit, complicit with the fascist Republican Party that wants to not only eliminate abortion rights, but gay marriage, trans rights, and a whole slew of rights,” a protester shouted using a bullhorn.

Other protesters stood next to her, holding a banner that stated, “Abortion on demand & without apology.”

They also held up signs showing the faces of the five Republican Supreme Court justices who reportedly voted in favor of the draft opinion showing the court would overturn Roe v. Wade.

He added, “You had a supermajority under [former President] Obama under which this should have been your top priority.”

The protester asked, “Why did you keep this on the table? Because this is your most effective fundraising tool. That’s why.”

Oh sure they are so mad at Pelosi, I am sure she is frightened, right?

She may be frightened of losing some power in the US House, because it does seem that the progressive arm of the Democrat Party have targeted Pelosi and even Joe Biden in their demands to push the party machine further to the left.

These are their tactics. Whether Pelosi is intimidated by them or not remains unclear, and whether or not she is a part of the planning of this political theater is just a guess.

Pelosi has coddled the progressives for a very long time, and now we are here:

“We will be marching to the front door of [Pelosi’s] Pac Heights mansion to demand: #SaveAbortionNancy #DefendRoe!,” Ruth Sent Us tweeted.

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The group accused Pelosi of “careless and cowardly” leadership in the face of the Republican Party’s “scorched earth strategy.”

“We have had careless and cowardly representation by [Pelosi],” the group wrote. “The GOP followed a scorched earth strategy with endless Benghazi hearings and ACA repeals, but she passed endless bills that lay on [Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s] desk and refused to hold hearings on TRUMPIAN crimes.”

“When nauseating [Supreme Court Justice Brett] Kavanaugh was nominated in 2018, Dems knew he was a Bush campaign operative who had perjured himself in previous confirmation hearings,” it continued. “He was also a known alcoholic and gambler. Then his serial sexual assaults came to light. He was still seated on SCOTUS.”