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Pelosi Reportedly Refuses To Hand Over Home Security Footage

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One of the most peculiar aspects of the Paul Pelosi attack is that no surveillance footage has been disclosed to the public, and the left is attempting to downplay the incident and urge everyone to move on.

Initial reports from a number of media outlets that covered the first moments after the bizarre attack claimed that Pelosi had no operational security camera systems, which is cause for public concern given that Pelosi is third in line to become President of the United States, particularly in these troubling times.

In 2021, an independent journalist obtained evidence that Pelosi has surveillance cameras in her San Francisco home, where her husband Paul Pelosi was allegedly attacked.

Jack Posobiec of Human Events investigated open source information and discovered that he could contradict the corporate media narrative that Pelosi lacked protection to prevent the most strange ‘assault’ the American people has heard of so close to the midterm elections:

The findings of Posobeic raise the question of what happened to the security measures at that time.

“In one of the richest neighborhoods in the United States, it’s very hard to believe that there was no security footage,” We Love Trump (WLT) claimed, adding:

Moving past that though former UFC fighter Jake Shields took to Twitter to say “My friend who’s a San Francisco detective just told me Paul Pelosi won’t hand over video footage and they believe he was engaged in gay sex.”

Shields would follow it up by saying “He isn’t directly working on this case so I can’t confirm reliability”.

“My friend who’s a San Francisco detective just told me Paul Pelosi won’t hand over video footage and they believe he was engaged in gay sex,” WLT reported, adding: “He isn’t directly working on this case so I can’t confirm reliability.”

Mike Cernovich interjected with some insightful questions.

In prior significant crimes against important people, surveillance footage was disclosed, but in the Pelosi case, not only are we not obtaining security footage of the incident, but the media is constantly shifting the narrative.

Currently, there are much more questions than answers…

– Who was in the car with Paul Pelosi when he got a DUI? Have you tried to obtain body cam footage?

– How was there a break in at third in line to POTUS house?

News organizations are hiding facts from the public.

That’s the real vacuum.

– Why wasn’t there signs of forced entry at Pelosi home?

– Who was 3rd person who opened door for the police?

– Why was Pelosi holding hammer, and attack only happened after police arrived?

– Where is bodycam / security footage?

– Why isn’t the press asking these questions?

It’s clear that footage exists but Pelosis will do anything in their power from it ever seeing light.

Vegas shooting, sorry no footage
Epstein suicide, sorry no footage
January 6, sorry no footage

I’m sensing a pattern.

Politifact wants to dispel the idea that someone is withholding security footage from the public:

“Authorities have said that DePape allegedly broke into the Pelosis’ San Francisco residence, surprising a sleeping Paul Pelosi when DePape came into the bedroom and said he wanted to talk to “Nancy.” CONTINUE READING…

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