Pelosi Suffers Complete Meltdown Over Senators Refusing to Join Dems in Voting to End Filibuster

A new video is spreading like wildfire as Nancy Pelosi launched into a bizarre rant.

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She whines about elections and the state of our democracy.

Interestingly, her frustration isn’t only pointed at Republicans, but at members of her own party.

Two Democrats have refused to align with Pelosi and the Left’s effort to vote to end the filibuster.

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Watch as Pelosi hijacked Martin Luther King Jr. Day to talk about the Democrats so-called “voting rights” package.

Here’s the clip:

“Nothing less is at stake than our democracy,” she said. “This is about suppressing the vote, it’s about nullifying the elections.”

“If you really, truly want to honor Dr. King, don’t dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy,” Pelosi said.

“We have no right to honor this family, to visit the monument. Imagine, 36 years old, left this Earth in such a way that he has a monument on the Mall along with Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson — all of them with tears in their eyes for the departure from our democracy that is happening right now unless the truth is acknowledged and this legislation is passed,” she added.

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So what is it that is presenting such a terrible threat to our system of government? It’s that evil filibuster, of course.

Congressional Democrats are trying to pass a so-called “voting rights” package that includes both the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. This package is actually an attempt to federalize elections.

According to Business Insider, the Freedom to Vote Act includes provisions that would give felons the right to vote and allow universal mail-in balloting despite the concerns of fraud such a system would inevitably raise.

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Meanwhile, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act would require “states with histories of discrimination to seek permission from the federal government before enacting new voting rules or redistricting plans,” reversing Supreme Court precedent.

The package passed Pelosi’s House of Representatives, but it is unlikely to overcome the filibuster in the Senate. That is a good thing for America, because this bill would be incredibly harmful to our elections.

But to leftists like Pelosi who believe the federal government should wield as much power as possible, the filibuster presents a roadblock. So she continued with her unhinged meltdown on Monday.