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Pence Throws MAGA Patriots and Trump Under The Bus At CNN Town Hall

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Former vice president Mike Pence spoke to Republican electors in Des Moines, Iowa, during a CNN Town Hall on his 64th birthday.

Strangely, the event occurred on the same day that Chris Licht, the director of CNN, was dismissed by the network, in large part because he supported a Trump Town Hall that prompted the “most trusted name in news”‘ dissenters to openly revolt.

Pence, a former congressman, governor, and Trump ally from Indiana, spoke with host Dana Bash for 90 minutes about a variety of topics, including his desire to become president, abortion, and Ukraine.

Regarding the events of January 6, he cast Trump and the MAGA Patriots under the wagon.

Trump was misled to believe that the vice president could annul the election, according to Pence.

…I felt that he was asking me to choose between him and the Constitution. I chose the Constitution. And I always will.

I said today President Trump was wrong then, he’s wrong now.

However, he went even further and stated that Trump should never again serve as president.

Anyone who puts themselves above the Constitution should never be president in the first place. And anyone who asks anyone else to put themselves over the Constitution should never be president again.

If elected, Pence indicated he will not pardon any J6 members:

You know, on the day of January 6, I issued a tweet demanding that people leave the Capitol. And grounds.

I said that those that failed to do that should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and I continue to believe that today.

Pence presumably was unaware of the most recent news regarding that day, which stated that hundreds of demonstrators were admitted by Capitol Police.

During the incidents of January 6, a Capitol side door was largely unguarded and unlocked. According to police security footage obtained by the media, more than 300 individuals were permitted unhindered entry into the Congress building, despite officers’ efforts to keep demonstrators out of other areas.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., first raised concerns two years ago about an episode in a hallway in the middle of the Capitol that occurred around 2:30 pm that afternoon, right before other breaches began. CONTINUE READING…

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