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Pentagon Fails Another Audit – Over $2 Trillion in Assets Included in Failed Audits

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The US Department of Defense failed another audit. This is not unexpected, however, given the Pentagon never passes a full audit, and it is once again the independent media that is probing and reporting on the matter, while the corporate lapdog media acts as if nothing is happening.

Political Insider detailed the specifics of the most recent bombshell theft:

In typical Groundhog Day fashion, the Pentagon has failed yet another audit. Yet, for the most part, nobody seems to care in the media or government. When you fail year after year, it becomes the rule versus the exception to fail basic standards.

This recent failure marks the fifth year that the Defense Department has failed to meet the audit requirements set by Congress. That’s right, dear reader, your former War Department can’t fully account for all of its assets.

So how bad was it? If you ask the lead money man of the five-sided building, it wasn’t that bad; I mean, it’s only a couple trillion dollars worth of stuff that we can’t find, that’s not that bad.

This is the same as it’s been for ages.

“The U.S. #military has never passed an audit.
The #Pentagon‘s budget (that we see) is $800 billion.
Of 27 departments, only 7 were able to account for their money!
#Pentagon math is routinely off by hundreds of billions!” Lynn Schore (@LynnSchore) posted on Twitter on November 28, 2022.

“The Pentagon has a lot to do to get in shape – repealing the vax mandates for example is a good start.

SecDef Austin’s DoD has worse problems than a CR. @HouseGOP need to de-woke the military, repeal vax mandates, and cut waste, fraud, and abuse that plagues the Pentagon every day.

This comes on top of their fifth failed audit in a row,” as revealed by Jim Hoft for The Gateway Pundit.

“Not a good look for the Pentagon.. #amp,” FreedomWorks (@FreedomWorks) posted on Twitter on November 28, 2022.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

The US Defense Department includes the following and more:

2.9 million military personnel
Equipment and weapons
19,700 aircraft
290 ships
Buildings and supplies spread out over 4,860 installations and sites worldwide
How can an entity this large not be auditable? CONTINUE READING…

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