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People Notice Something Creepy as Biden Walks by Restaurant and Peers in Window

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President Joe Biden and his family traveled to Nantucket, Massachusetts, during the Thanksgiving holiday to do what Biden does best: hobble around in public while smiling, waving, and seeming like a “relatable old man.”

Unfortunately for Biden, he pulls off “creepy old man” far better, as proven by an unpleasant photograph taken from within a restaurant after the president peeked through its windows to spy on waving children.

Oh, yes, these Biden moments usually include children in an odd manner.

It all began when the first family traveled to the affluent Massachusetts coastal town for Thanksgiving in order to observe their yearly custom of attending the tree-lighting ceremony (as so many totally relatable American families do).

After lunch in town, while the Biden family went shopping, the president saw a group of children in the window of the Lemon Press restaurant and strolled up for a closer look.

According to Mediaite, the youngsters yelled with joy as they posed for photographs with the president, who was looking through the glass.

However, the result of one of these selfies will be the source of “Creepy Uncle Joe” jokes for a very long time:

As you can imagine, Twitter had a field day with this unflattering shot:

Democrat apologist Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who appears to have recovered from the tantrum he threw because someone drew a bad meme about him, uploaded the complete video of Biden approaching the window as if it somehow made the event less weird. CONTINUE READING…

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