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Permanent Lockdown Could Be Coming Soon For Sickening Reason

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The Great Reset of freedom and liberty is unfolding around the world, promising to significantly impair people’s rights to live out their own lives and seek their chosen spiritual paths as the global elite set about determining the new rules by which we ‘little people will all be allowed to co-exist on this planet with them.

Get ready for more lockdowns- independent media is ringing the bell and warning people.

Under the cloak of being great ‘humanitarians’ and hiding behind the idea that they are caring about people, the left and all of their minions are using every resource they can gather to devise and scheme ways to control and dominate the remaining free people of the world, and they have their sights on the United States of American- no doubt.

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After months of ongoing lockdowns due to COVID, and even after the announcement has been made by Democrat Joe Biden that the “pandemic is over”, the super elite of the world are continuing to decide that people will be locked away in their homes and locked down because of the ‘climate changes’- which they have weaponized to assault humanity and steal their liberty away.

The Pandemic is over:

HOWEVER: “If “the pandemic is over,” as Biden says, then all of the President’s emergency powers predicated on a pandemic, all COVID vax mandates, the emergency powers of every governor, Emergency Use Authorizations, and the PREP act should all be voided tomorrow.”

They aren’t going to give those federal powers back.

So now they are on to the next reason to imprison us- the weather:

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Because of the support of the average Democrat voter, the climate czars have amassed government control and authority to do act as they please. So if this upsets you- thank a Democrat voter.

“The same people who manufactured a global health ‘pandemic‘ and then told everyone that it would be 15 days to flatten the curve are back with a new scam: climate lockdowns… Permanent climate lockdowns…,” reported We Love Trump this week.

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec is sounding the alarm on the World Economic Forum’s latest push to institute permanent lockdowns.

We are already seeing these ideas in action across the ocean in Europe—a continent that has been thoroughly destroyed through ‘modern’ leftist thinking over and over again.

Europe is facing an unprecedented energy crisis because its political class has decided to poke the bear—the bear that provided all of its energy.

Instead of actually admitting fault and correcting their disastrous policies by seeking some sort of energy independence, they are cajoling the people into using ‘a little less’, and as always it is ‘for the good of society’.

We are witnessing something similar happen in California…

My advice? Don’t comply—never comply with the mentally ill. Don’t turn your heat down, don’t give up your car, and don’t submit to driving only on certain days.

We cannot let the anxiety-ridden, depressed, 70% medically dosed population tell us what to do; we cannot let the inmates run the asylum.

If you hear a peep out of any of these people, tell them to put a sock in it. Unless they support atomic energy, they have nothing of value to say—don’t be polite about it either.

The World Economic Forum is powerless on its own. It only holds so much sway because huge swaths of the population are mentally ill and sniveling cowards.

There is nothing wrong with feeling fear or being scared, but to allow fear to rule over all of one’s critical faculties is cowardice, we saw it with Covid and we are seeing it with the climate ‘science’.

Stop being ‘tolerant’. Tolerance is not a virtue—it is precisely what has gotten us here:

BREAKING: Davos launching new push for permanent “climate change” lockdowns: “The lockdowns aren’t for them, the lockdowns are for YOU.”


The Hill reported earlier this year:

This isn’t a right-wing fever dream. Calls for harsh government measures in the name of saving the environment are already in the parlance of influential organizations and figures.

In November 2020, the Red Cross proclaimed that climate change is a bigger threat than COVID and should be confronted with “the same urgency.”

Bill Gates recently demanded dramatic measures to prevent climate change, claiming it will be worse than the pandemic.

The New York Post reported:

By claiming we are in an unprecedented crisis, we distort not only a proper understanding of our technological abilities, but our moral outlook as well.

Ponder this rhetorical question, posed by a columnist at The Hill: “Could climate change finally expose China as a global outlaw?”

So it wasn’t the concentration camps that did it. Or the ethnic cleansing. Or the slave labor. Or the decades of collectivist-induced economic misery and authoritarian control. Or the state censorship. It was Beijing’s violations of the Paris Accord.

The warning signs are there, the elite are on the move to attack, and they do it with permission from the people who keep voting these people into power.

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