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Pete Buttigieg Gets Bad News from Congressman Regarding His Handling of Ohio Crisis

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is under criticism from an Ohio lawmaker whose district is affected by a catastrophic train catastrophe.

Saturday, Republican Representative Bill Johnson talked with Fox News about the derailment of a train carrying dangerous chemicals in the Ohio hamlet of East Palestine on February 3, which polluted the town and surrounding region.

Johnson told Fox News that the inhabitants of his district, which includes East Palestine, continue to be scared and apprehensive because they are not receiving straightforward information about the incident. “There are lots and lots of questions,” he said.

He also criticized the responsible railroad corporation, Norfolk Southern, for not attending a town hall meeting where the community might have asked these issues. “The rail company, Norfolk Southern, did not show up at the town hall meeting last night for them to be able to ask those questions.”

But he left his harshest condemnation for Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden’s transportation secretary. He graded Buttigieg’s approach to the incident with a “F” for not revealing his face after the catastrophe.

“I give Secretary Buttigieg an F. I mean, he hasn’t shown up,” Johnson said, “How can you be evaluated if you haven’t shown up? So, gets an F.”

Johnson is entirely justified in criticizing Buttigieg’s apparent lack of care for the people of East Palestine. After all, he is the transportation secretary, and the train that caused the current calamity in Ohio is under his jurisdiction.

When a transportation tragedy of this magnitude makes headlines, one would anticipate that the transportation secretary would quickly attempt to determine what is going on, minimize the damage, and find measures to prevent this from happening again.

Buttigieg, on the other hand, has been a complete no-show and has exhibited no apparent care for the people affected by this catastrophic scenario that is happening under his watch.

Yet, this is also to be anticipated. Remember that Biden chose Buttigieg as transportation secretary not because of his qualifications, but because he is homosexual. Buttigieg was hired primarily for diversity purposes.

Notwithstanding the moral ramifications of having a man who lives such a clearly immoral lifestyle in one of the nation’s highest posts, Buttigieg has repeatedly demonstrated his incompetence as transportation secretary.

The nation’s transportation has been plagued by crisis after crisis during his term as president. He was in charge amid the supply chain shortfall, the railroad strikes, the enormous airline delays before Christmas, and the Federal Aviation Administration technical glitch that grounded all flights last month.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Now, Buttigieg is dealing with not only the train derailment in East Palestine, but potentially dangerous derailments in other parts of the nation as well.

So, I think it is safe to say that not only should we give Buttigieg an “F” for his handling of this latest crisis, but also for his entire tenure so far as transportation secretary. CONTINUE READING…

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