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Pfizer Board Member Lobbied Twitter To Censor Information About COVID Vaccine

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Following the release of Twitter’s internal files regarding the relationship between tech executives and Democrats in the 2020 presidential election, additional files reveal that the pharmaceutical industry lobbied to silence those who questioned the statements made by COVID vaccine manufacturers during the pandemic. Since their appearance shortly after the pandemic began to spread, many have questioned the statements made about the vaccines, particularly regarding the effectiveness of the shot, the effectiveness compared to natural immunity, and the side effects of the shot in relation to the recipient’s age and pre-existing conditions.

The Biden administration implemented a campaign to get as many individuals vaccinated as possible by publicizing the importance of the vaccine and giving it away “for free” at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. Slowly but gradually, the medical community and those fighting for free speech released information about the vaccine, and individuals who questioned the vaccine and refused it were blocked and banned from social media. Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and revelation of internal documents detailing internal measures to stifle free expression have finally provided evidence of everything that was repressed.

Now, new tweets reveal a Pfizer board member’s plan to fight for the censorship of material regarding the vaccine that did not please the drug firm or fit its rhetoric as it attempted to make millions from the vaccine.

According to Summit News, Pfizer board member Dr. Scott Gottlieb pressured Twitter to block content that questioned the efficacy of the COVID vaccination relative to natural immunity. After Gottlieb identified it, Twitter blocked a message from Dr. Brett Giroir, a board member at Altesa Biosciences, a biopharmaceutical firm that manufactures anti-COVID medications.

In August 2021, Gottlieb complained to Todd O’Boyle, a senior manager on Twitter’s Public Policy team, about Giroir’s claim that natural immunity offered greater protection than the vaccine.

“It’s now clear #COVID19 natural immunity is superior to #vaccine immunity, by ALOT. There’s no scientific justification for #vax proof if a person had a prior infection. @CDCDirector @POTUS must follow the science. If no previous infection? Get vaccinated!” tweeted Giroir.

Gottlieb asserted that, “This is the kind of stuff that’s corrosive. Here he draws a sweeping conclusion off a single retrospective study in Israel that hasn’t been peer reviewed. But this tweet will end up going viral and driving news coverage.”

O’Boyle then forwarded Gottlieb’s email to Twitter’s Strategic Response team for review, but failed to tell them that Gottlieb was on the Pfizer board, instead merely referring to him as “the former FDA commissioner.”

Summit News continues:

Despite Twitter ruling that the tweet didn’t violate its rules, it still slapped a “misleading” tag on the post, meaning it had its replies, shares, and likes disabled, burying it in the algorithm.

A week later, Gottlieb complained about another tweet by lockdown skeptic Justin Hart which stated, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but a viral pathogen with a child mortality rate of ~0% has cost our children nearly three years of schooling.”

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Gottlieb’s concern was that the tweet might generate doubt surrounding giving the COVID vaccine to kids, given that it “would soon be approved for children 5 to 11.” The Pfizer board member also previously flagged an article written by journalist and COVID vaccine skeptic Alex Berenson, who was subsequently suspended by Twitter. CONTINUE READING…

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