Photo Of Joe And Jill Biden Goes Viral After Catching Them

The phrase ‘elder abuse’ is trending on social media late on Friday morning, and social media users are getting a candid peek into the life of the first couple of Democrats, Joe and Jill Biden. Apparently, someone in the media leaked the photo to someone to show that there is disharmony brewing at the White House- but the reason for the specific photos was yet unclear.

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Independent media picked up on a photo of the two standing with Jill facing Joe, and Joe looking deflated and almost in tears. In the series of photos, Joe’s body language shows him with shoulders slumped forward- in almost a completely resigned pose.

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One might imagine that Jill had just delivered to Joe the daily poll numbers of his approval rating among Democrats and Independents.

Michael Graham of The Reno Gazette-Journal made an interesting observation on Friday about an unrelated story, about Biden’s falling ratings:

“The outcome of the midterm elections will be determined by two numbers: Do voters care more about a 5-4 Supreme Court ruling on abortion or paying $5 a gallon for gas?

Just hours before the court’s decision in the Dobbs case was released last month, political pundits thought the shocking news of the day was President Joe Biden’s record-low poll numbers. He was underwater with voters by 17 points in the Real Clear Politics average (39 percent approve/56 percent disapprove) and the most unpopular president at this point in his term in modern polling history.

But Biden’s problems were pushed off the front page by the political avalanche unleashed by the court’s decision,” Graham reported.

The speculation about the series of photos was interesting to note.

Of course, elder abuse is a very serious topic- so it is important to understand what elder abuse is and where to go and get help for it if needed.

According to the National Institute On Aging:

Abuse can happen to anyone — no matter the person’s age, sex, race, religion, or ethnic or cultural background. Each year, hundreds of thousands of adults over the age of 60 are abused, neglected, or financially exploited. This is called elder abuse.

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Abuse can happen in many places, including the older person’s home, a family member’s house, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. The mistreatment of older adults can be by family members, strangers, health care providers, caregivers, or friends.

There are many types of abuse:

  • Physical abuse happens when someone causes bodily harm by hitting, pushing, or slapping. This may also include restraining an older adult against his/her will, such as locking them in a room or tying them to furniture.
  • Emotional abuse, sometimes called psychological abuse, can include a caregiver saying hurtful words, yelling, threatening, or repeatedly ignoring the older adult. Keeping that person from seeing close friends and relatives is another form of emotional abuse.
  • Neglect occurs when the caregiver does not try to respond to the older adult’s needs. This may include physical, emotional, and social needs, or withholding food, medications, or access to health care.
  • Abandonment is leaving an older adult who needs help alone without planning for his or her care.
  • Sexual abuse involves a caregiver forcing an older adult to watch or be part of sexual acts.
  • Financial abuse happens when money or belongings are stolen from an older adult. It can include forging checks, taking someone else’s retirement or Social Security benefits, or using a person’s credit cards and bank accounts without their permission. It also includes changing names on a will, bank account, life insurance policy, or title to a house without permission.

And speculation about whether our President is being abused could actually be quite serious.

C. Douglass Golden of The Western Journal wrote about the sad photos of Biden and took a stab at what could be the meaning behind the body language, and added some more details about the origins of the photo:

The photos were taken by Associated Press photographer Patrick Semansky, according to the AP’s website.”

Golden went on:

“President Joe Biden speaks with first lady Jill Biden before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House, Wednesday, July 6, 2022, in Washington,” the website’s description reads. “Biden is traveling to Cleveland to announce a new rule that will allow major new financial support for troubled pensions that cover some 2 million to 3 million workers.”

Yes, but those pensions aren’t exactly going to be the headline here.

In the first photo, Biden appears to be talking with his wife in a raised voice, judging by his expression.

In the next, his head is drooped slightly and he’s squinting.

The third photo, however, is what will get the most attention: Biden’s head hangs low, his face fixed in a childish frown.

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In the final photo, a still-squinting Biden walks away.