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Photos: Why Does Jill Biden Dress in Patterns Similar to That of Home Furniture, Curtains, Wallpaper?

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Like Melania Trump, not every first lady can be a fashion model. Nevertheless, they are not required to dress like a piece of furniture.

We are not speaking metaphorically. According to a Twitter user, Jill Biden’s clothing closely resemble the patterns on furniture, and she has images to prove it.

The stream of tweets was tweeted by @Maga4Justice, who referred to it as “my new hobby.”

“Find the sofa the dress wa[s] made from,” the first tweet said. It displayed Jill in a floral-patterned outfit next to a sofa with a similar pattern:

It turned out that there were several couches that suited the design in more than one manner.

However, the first lady has been copying her patterns from more than just couches. In addition, there are cabinets and wallpaper.

In fact, there are even shower curtains included.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

Bedspreads and dogs, too!


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