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Pompeo Warns China Is Trying To Reinfect World With New COVID Varient

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the origins and spread of the virus have been gradually revealed. The world was caught off guard when passengers began transmitting the virus throughout the globe, but now that the world has experienced one global pandemic, awareness of such a circumstance has been raised.

This virus has undergone mutation, and new strains that are weaker than the original have emerged. Now, there is a new strain of the virus in China, and its characteristics are the subject of conjecture.

China, where the virus is believed to have originated, has the strictest COVID-19 restrictions in the world. China has stated that it will authorize travel abroad after three years of “zero COVID” measures, despite locking individuals inside closed houses, allegedly starving some to death, and beating others in the streets due to the virus’s resurgence.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada have each declared that Chinese tourists must test negative for the virus before boarding aircraft.

There are others who find it peculiar that China, in the midst of this new strain, would permit travel in light of its prior rules. Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state, is one of these individuals.

Biz Pac Review says that Pompano asserts categorically that Chinese President Xi Jinping is waging a sinister scheme to reinfect the world with another strain of COVID and that the United States should prohibit all Chinese tourists after the communist nation lifted travel restrictions.

After “the whole world has been through hell,” the former secretary of state accused Jinping of employing biowarfare with a new COVID strain.

The loosening of Chinese travel restrictions is a reenactment of the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic, and Pompeo views this as exceedingly suspicious. China is taking this action because COVID is re-emerging in the communist nation, as it did earlier. Pompeo is issuing a dire warning that the world may once again witness pictures similar to those that came from Milan, Italy in 2020, when COVID first debuted and began spreading throughout Europe and the globe. According to the New York Post, over half of the passengers on two flights from China to Milan a few days ago tested positive for COVID.

“You remember those pictures from Milan when the hospitals were full, and the morgues were full? We are about to do the same thing again,” he told Cats Roundtable host John Catsimatidis during a Sunday interview. “It sounds like we might have as many as 1 million Chinese people infected. Fifty percent of their population traveling,” Pompeo contended. “There is no reason we should allow the Chinese to do this again, to send Chinese-infected persons around the world, knowingly infecting people all across the globe,” he charged.

More on this story via The Republic Brief:

Pompeo, who is potentially considering a 2024 bid for the presidency, stated during the New Year’s Day interview that Xi must be “held accountable” for COVID deaths across the globe. “Xi got away with this once,” he accused. “I regret he wasn’t held accountable. We should still do that for the 6 million people who died between the spring of 2020 and today. But he’s doing it again. Just as in the spring of 2020 [when] he sent people around the world he knew were infected, he’s doing the same darn thing again,” Pompeo stated. “He’s going to infect millions more. We shouldn’t let that happen.” CONTINUE READING…

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