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Prince Harry’s ‘Most Marketable Quality’ Removed from Royal Family’s Website

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Celebrity, like everything else, must inevitably decline. This is especially true if you are a sovereign who exchanged your prestigious family for a social climber.

In the most recent setback for Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex appears to have lost what Dean Karayanis of The New York Sun termed his “most marketable quality.”

On the royal family’s website, the title “His Royal Highness” has been withdrawn from Harry’s page.

Karayanis went on to explain just how significant this removal is: “The so-called ‘HRH’ title is used only for the most senior members of the British royal family, or those directly descended from the monarch and their spouses.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to refer to themselves as “Their Royal Highnesses” on their official website, which is misleading. They desired to leave, so they have left.

Karayanis stated that Harry and Meghan are merely “two shooting stars falling back to earth.” In my opinion, they should have remained on the ground to begin with.

The truth is that the two had everyone on their side from the beginning. On both sides of the Atlantic, we cheered for them to win.

For Americans, Meghan was “our royal.” We fell in love with her upon first sight. Having witnessed Harry grow up in the tragic shadow of his mother, the late Princess Diana, we desired for him to have a joyful ending.

However, none of our assumptions proved out to be true. Meghan and Harry would ultimately ascend to the throne.

After resigning from their regal duties in 2020 and departing the United Kingdom, the couple disparaged the very institution that had made them famous: the royal family.

The two were then confronted with the harsh reality they had created for themselves. Harry and Meghan found themselves in a financial bind due to the fact that no one believed their sob story or the slander they actively spread.

Meghan therefore turned to podcasting, signing a $20 million contract with Spotify and producing twelve episodes of her “Archetypes” podcast. In June, however, Spotify terminated the contract, with one executive labeling the Sussexes “swindlers.”

Coupled with rumors that a $100 million Netflix deal may soon follow, the two are in dire financial straits. Royal biographer Tom Bower would characterize them as “terrified” according to the Sun.

Due to legal battles with British tabloids, declining popularity, and snubs from the White House and the family they rejected, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s golden period has undoubtedly come to an end.

Does it come as a surprise that Harry is taking some time away from Meghan, given the Daily Record’s report that their relationship may be on the brink of dissolution?

Harry can only rectify this situation by apologizing to the royal family for his poor judgment and behavior. Consequently, he and his ostentatious wife must deal with the repercussions.

In the interim, discard your attitude, minimize, and learn to work for a livelihood. If you exhibit integrity, perhaps the royal family will accept you back.

At the very least, Netflix may create a sitcom based on your redemption story. Meghan would surely remain if so.

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