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Prominent Christian Leader Dies at Age 60, Leaves Touching Final Public Message: ‘I Will Die Happy to Have Served the Lord’

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Michael Heiser, the author of “The Unseen Realm,” and a Christian scholar and educator, passed away on Monday at the age of 60.

Heiser’s books also included “The 60 Second Scholar: 100 Insights That Illumine the Bible,” “I Dare You Not to Bore Me with The Bible,” “The Façade” and “The Portent.”

According to The Christian Post, he was a speaker, a scholar at Logos Bible Software, and the host of “The Naked Bible” podcast.

Heiser, who resided in Jacksonville, Florida, wrote a final note on Facebook on January 21.

He stated that his pancreatic cancer will kill him within weeks.

“I know this news is depressing, but you should all know I will die happy to have served the Lord and you all in the ways I have,” he wrote. “God has been very good to us, gifting me in discernible ways and, I think just as importantly, given me heart for the lay community – all of you.

“I desired nothing more than to empower all of you to study Scripture more deeply, to unlock the Bible for you in ways inaccessible to all but scholars. This brought me a special joy.”

Heiser stated that while his destiny on Earth was limited, his future in the cosmos was not.

“Let’s turn to the future. As you all know, when I pass I will join the family of God and his council, to which all of us as believers presently belong but ‘not yet’ in its fullness. This is what awaits me, and I am glad. We will see each other in the future in unimaginably glorious ways,” he wrote.

Then he shifted his attention to the task he had begun but would leave for others to complete.

“It is time for you all to think not about content you will receive from me, but what you can do to make sure other people discover the content that changed your life and outlook on Scripture,” Heiser wrote.

He stated that individuals who have read his books must now assist others as he assisted them.

“I am spent in service to you, so now it is time for you to do replicate the blessing you’ve experienced in the lives of others. I die with the belief that you will, like I did, take the long look of being a blessing to others to help them rediscover their Bible for the first time and to embrace the gospel as believing loyalty,” Heiser wrote.

“Please be a part of what is now taking shape for the glory of the kingdom. I’ll be greatly blessed by you all,” he said.

Bob Pritchett, co-founder and board member of Logos, attempted to explain on Logos why Heiser’s work was significant.

“God rewards the study of his Word, and rarely do any of us read it again without gaining in understanding,” Pritchett wrote. “For tens of thousands of believers, Mike’s teaching opened up a whole new perspective and unlocked obscure and difficult passages they hadn’t spent much time with.

“He helped them to see things which are clearly described in Scripture but which our cultural lens and reading habits had pushed to the margins,” he said.

“Over and over, Mike sent people back to the Word, back to the Hebrew, and back to the time and the people who first received it. I am grateful for his ministry, mourning with his family, and comforted to know that he is with our Savior,” Pritchett said.

According to the Logos post, Heiser is survived by his wife, Drenna, as well as his daughters Amy, Molly, and Simcha, and son Calvin.

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