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Punk Steals Dozens of iPhones from California Store, But It’s What Happened After That Shows the State’s Real Problem

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A video that went viral on social media captured a man brazenly stealing iPhones and other Apple merchandise from a store display in Emeryville, California, on Monday. However, the aftermath of the theft raises concerns about law and order policies.

In the footage, a young man wearing a black ski mask and designer gym shoes is seen tearing iPhones and expensive Apple electronics from their theft prevention tethers inside an Apple store. He then stuffs the stolen items down his pants and leaves the store, nonchalantly walking past a police car parked in front of the establishment.

The video gained traction on TikTok and X, accumulating millions of views within a short period. The audacity of the thief, who freely walked past a police vehicle without any apparent fear of consequences, is emblematic of the failed law and order policies associated with the Democratic Party.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the police car was a “ghost car,” strategically placed to serve as a visual deterrent against criminal activity. However, there was no police officer present in the vehicle at the time of the crime, rendering it an empty threat.

The Emeryville Police Department acknowledged that the parked police car was part of its efforts to present a police presence and discourage criminal activities. This incident is not an isolated case, as nearby Apple stores have also experienced similar thefts involving thousands of dollars in stolen electronics.

The surge in retail theft is a nationwide issue affecting Democrat-run cities, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, and Washington D.C. The reluctance of left-wing prosecutors and city council members to prosecute such crimes has sent a signal to criminals that they can steal with impunity.

Many retailers are closing down locations in areas plagued by theft, prompting concerns about the consequences of soft-on-crime policies implemented in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. The need for a shift towards effective policing policies is emphasized to address the rising scourge of retail theft nationwide.

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