Rand Paul Surprises Everyone… And Joins Democrats On Disgusting Bill

Kentucky GOP Sen. Rand Paul is joining California Democrat Sen. Alex Padilla to introduce legislation that would put “documented DREAMers” on a path to permanent residency.

The bipartisan bill would allow more than 200,000 people who came to the U.S. as children and graduated from American universities to apply for a green card.

“We cannot turn our backs on the ‘Documented Dreamers’ who have spent most of their lives in this country, contributing to their communities and our economy but face continued uncertainty and risk deportation once they turn 21,” Padilla, who chairs the Judiciary Committee’s immigration panel, said in a statement.

“In particular, the legislation would help young adults, largely Indian citizens, who turned 21 while their parents were stuck waiting in lengthy green card backlogs caused by strict per-country visa caps the U.S. imposes,” Roll Call reported.

“In addition to giving these individuals a chance to apply for a green card on their own, the bill would prevent similar problems in the future by freezing kids’ ages at the time their parents apply for the family’s permanent residency, rather than when the green card actually becomes available,” the report added.

Paul said children who were raised in the U.S. with legal immigration status “shouldn’t be penalized by the government’s failures in addressing green card backlogs.”

“These children who have legally called the United States home for many years and even decades, are contributing members in our communities and to our economy,” he continued.

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