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Reality TV Star in Shock After 23-Year-Old Son Suffers Stroke and Heart Failure

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Son of reality television personality NeNe Leakes had a serious health scare.

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Leakes detailed the incident in a video provided to TMZ.

“This is not the way I wanted it to come out,” she said. “We wanted to be able to talk about it ourselves when Brentt was in a better place. So, here I am because I would rather the correct thing be out there than something that’s not correct.”

“Two weeks ago today, Brentt had congestive heart failure and a stroke,” she said in a video released on Monday.

She stated, “He’s only 23, so he’s really young for something like that to happen to him.”

She stated that probable reasons have been eliminated.

“The first thing, you know, a lot of doctors think of when someone that age comes in with that kind of condition is maybe they have done drugs or maybe they have some serious infection, maybe HIV or some sort of infection is what I’m being told by the doctors,” she said.

“Brentt doesn’t drink or do drugs,” she said. “And obviously they’ve tested him for all those things. They also tested him for HIV.”

She stated that at one time, physicians hypothesized that her kid may have unknowingly caught COVID-19.

“It was very scary,” she said.

According to People, Leakes stated that physicians were concerned about a hereditary link, citing a 2013 health issue with blood clots in her lungs.

She also suggested that the time of year may have had a role, since last month marked the one-year anniversary of the loss of his father, Gregg Leakes, who died at the age of 66 from cancer.

More on this story via The Western Journal:

“One of the things I do know, Brentt was very stressed out in the month of September because that was the one-year anniversary for the passing of his dad,” she said. “He was very close to his dad, and he’s been super stressed out over it. And I don’t even know if that has anything to do with it at all.”

Leakes said her son’s weight was not considered a cause of his health emergency. CONTINUE READING…

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