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Red Alert: Biden Banning You from Buying This Item

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The Biden administration is forging through with its brilliant plan despite a group’s assertion that the current economic climate is bleak for consumers.

According to Fox News, the incandescent light bulb will no longer be permitted after August 1.

As of that day, shops will no longer be permitted to sell them, according regulations approved by the Department of Energy a year ago.

The production of the majority of halogen, compact fluorescent, and incandescent light bulbs has been restricted, as part of the environmental initiatives of the Biden administration, which also include a prospective ban on gas stoves, which Republicans oppose.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm stated in an April 2022 statement, “The lighting industry is already embracing more energy efficient products, and this measure will accelerate progress to deliver the best products to American consumers and build a better and brighter future.”

But Fox News noted that a coalition of consumer groups pushed back in a letter to the DOE last year that said “further regulatory interference in the marketplace is unwarranted given that more energy efficient lighting choices, namely light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, are already available for those consumers who prefer them over incandescent bulbs.”

The organisations stated that customers deserve options.

“While LEDs are more efficient and generally longer-lasting than incandescent bulbs, they currently cost more than incandescent bulbs and are inferior for certain functions such as dimming. Consumers are best served by retaining the choice between incandescent bulbs and LEDs rather than regulating incandescent bulbs off the market,” adds the coalition’s letter.

According to Fox News, when the rule mandating the modification was announced last year, it was highlighted that producers would incur costs.

“In order to bring products into compliance with new and amended standards, it is estimated that the industry would incur total conversion costs of $407 million,” the draft rule said.

According to Fox News, the Trump administration has postponed the adjustment.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump stated in 2019 that “what is saved is not worth it.”

More on this story via The Western Journal:

The Residential Energy Consumption Survey said that of those participating in its survey, 47 percent use mostly or only LEDs, 15 percent use mostly incandescent or halogen lights, and 12 percent rely on compact fluorescent, according to Fox..

The survey showed 26 percent had no leading type of bulb, Fox News reported. CONTINUE READING…

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