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Red Alert: Check Your Phone Now – It May Be Tracking You

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Kim Komando, a consumer technology expert and radio presenter, recently stated that Apple iPhones may monitor their users’ every move.

The presenter described how the phones are able to monitor the movements of their owners. In addition, she provided a solution for how to halt it.

In an exclusive column for the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Komando detailed how users can disable what she termed a “internal log” setting with a few straightforward steps.

After reviewing three such devices, The Western Journal confirmed that the setting is enabled by default.

“Your iPhone has been keeping track of everywhere you’ve ever been, and you can view it in map form with a few clicks,” Komando stated.

She added, “It can be quite a handy feature if you are forgetful. For example, your phone can automatically generate directions home or find your parked car.”

iPhone users may have observed, for instance, that their device may propose a location when they leave their home.

Others may have observed that when they glance at their map, it may label their residence as “home” or indicate where their phone believes their car is parked.

This information is stored as phones learn their owners’ routines over time.

Komando said of what some might consider invasions of privacy, “The tracking function is part of location services, and a more in-depth thing called Significant Locations.”

For those who may be inquisitive as to whether their phones are tracking them, Komando provided a guide on how to determine this.

Users can find this data if they:

  • Open their iPhone’s settings.
    Tap on Privacy & Security.
    Select Location Services.
    Scroll down and tap System Services
    Scroll down to an option called Significant Locations and tap on it… CONTINUE READING…

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