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Rep Cawthorn Charged Faces Jail Time

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Earlier this week, state highway patrol officials confirmed that Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina had been charged with driving with a revoked license. According to the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, this is the congressman’s third traffic offense in the past six months.

Cawthorn was stopped for a traffic violation at approximately 10:30 a.m. this past Thursday, the highway patrol reported. Cawthorn’s license was found to be “in a state of revocation,” the highway patrol reported.

State highway patrol officers charged Madison with driving while his license was revoked. A court appearance is scheduled for May 6 in Shelby, North Carolina.

During the month of January, the Republican politician was cited for speeding. N.C. State Highway Patrol records indicate that Cawthorn was going 87 mph in a 70 mph zone. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 18.

Cawthorn was arrested in Buncombe County, North Carolina, for a speeding violation on October 18, 2021. He was traveling 89 miles per hour in a 65-mile zone, according to the highway patrol.

In a videotaped speech from last weekend, Cawthorn denounced Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky as a ‘thug’ and said his government was ‘corrupt, incredibly evil’ and pushing ‘woke ideologies.’

Prior to the invasion, Zelensky repeatedly asked the West not to create a panic by suggesting Russia would attack. He told reporters that Russia regularly massed troops to scare Ukraine.

Putin’s attack on February 24 prompted Zelensky, who was elected by a landslide victory in 2019, to receive praise from the international community for his bravery.

Rep. Cawthorn’s comments are not only contrary to those made by global leaders, but also oppose those espoused by most of his fellow Republicans in Congress.

‘Remember, that Zelensky is a thug,’ he said in the video posted by WRAL.

After discussing the US sending military assistance to Ukraine, he then raged against Kyiv officials – who refused to leave despite reports that many are on the Russian ‘kill list,’ including Zelensky and his family.

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‘Remember the Ukrainian government is incredibly corrupt and incredibly evil and it has been pushing woke ideologies,’ he stated.


As reported by CNN, Cawthorn made the remarks last weekend in Asheville, North Carolina

On Twitter, the North Carolina legislator condemned the Russian invasion within hours of its release, but then charged Zelensky with spreading ‘misinformation’ to lure Americans into the conflict.

‘The actions of Putin and Russia are disgusting. But leaders, including Zelensky, should NOT push misinformation on America,’ Cawthorn stressed.

‘I am praying for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Pray also we are not drawn into conflict based on foreign leaders pushing misinformation.’

Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, distanced himself from Cawthorn’s comments during a Senate GOP press conference on Thursday.

‘Like 90 percent of the country is with the Ukrainians,’ Graham stated. ‘So when you see a member of Congress say things like this, the one thing I want you to know, they are outliers in the largest sense possible on our side.’

There are seven other candidates expected to run against Cawthorn in the GOP primary.

Charles Edwards, a state lawmaker who is challenging Cawthorn, condemned the remarks immediately.

‘Let’s be clear. The thug is Vladimir Putin. We must unite as a nation to pray for President Zelensky and the brave people of Ukraine who are fighting for their lives and their freedom. Anything less is counter to everything we stand for in America,’ Edwards stated on Twitter.

In addition, Miami lawyer Aaron Parnas, A Democrat strategist whose father Lev Parnas was connected to former Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s attempt to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate President Joe Biden before the 2020 election, criticized the congressman.

‘President Zelensky is a hero. Madison Cawthorn is a zero,’ Parnas posted on Twitter.

The far-left Parnas went on to condemn the Freedom Trucker convoy and called for Cawthorn’s expulsion because Cawthorn doesn’t want Democrats to get us into a war with Russia.

The Democratic Party stated ‘we shouldn’t be surprised this type of anti-Ukraine sentiment has found a place in the Republican Party.’

‘It’s only natural that a Republican Party led by Donald Trump, who regularly praises Vladimir Putin as a ‘genius’ and ‘savvy’ as he launches an unprovoked and unjustified war on the Ukrainian people, would evolve to attack the democratically elected president of Ukraine who has shown true heroism in the face of Russian aggression,’ said Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Ammar Moussa.

Cawthorn, 26, is also in the process of divorcing his wife, whom he claims they met at a fake CrossFit competition that a US military service member invited him to when they were both on vacation in St. Petersburg, Russia. Casinos and gambling have, however, been banned in Russia since 2009.

The couple announced their separation in late December, only eight months after they wed.

His remarks were made shortly after the House of Representatives approved a massive $1.5 trillion government funding package that contains nearly $14 billion in humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine.

Cawthorn was also among 15 Republicans who voted against a ban on Russian energy imports after the spending bill passed. Two Democratic representatives voted with them: Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri and Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

Last month, Zelensky said he didn’t believe Russia would invade and urged the West not to panic over Russian troops building upon his country’s border. On January 19th, he addressed his nation via video and said the following:

“What’s new? Isn’t this the reality we’ve been living in for eight years?” said Zelensky. “Didn’t the invasion start in 2014? These risks have long existed. They didn’t increase. What increased is the craze (in the news). Our land is not being under attack now — but your nerves are. They’re trying to make you feel anxiety all the time.”

Ukraine’s economy is threatened by warnings of an imminent invasion, he told reporters.

Biden had warned that Russia could attack Ukraine according to intelligence sources.

Despite the presence of about 100,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders, Zelensky did not perceive any greater threat than during similar deployments last spring.

“There are signals even from respected leaders of states, they just say that tomorrow there will be war. This is panic – how much does it cost for our state?” he said at the Kyiv press conference.

The threat was brought up by journalists to Ukraine’s president. Zelensky, however, dodged the questions, accusing the press of inciting panic.

Nevertheless, he was not contradicting US intelligence: “I can see the 100,000 soldiers,” he explained. However, he went from suggesting that Russia was scaremongering, that it took “sado-masochistic” pleasure in watching Kyiv sweat to admitting that Ukraine has been preparing for possible war.

In spite of the large number of troops deployed currently, Zelensky seemed determined to play down the danger despite the fact that his country has lived with Russian aggression for years – it comes in cycles.

Ukraine’s leader was irate when a few embassies evacuated staff: “Diplomats are like captains,” he said. “They should be the last to leave a sinking ship. And Ukraine is not the Titanic.”

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