REPORT: Biden Tells Obama He Plans To Run For Re-Election.

According to this, Joe Biden has apparently told his BFF Barack Obama that he’s gonna run for re-election.

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My reaction to this news was basically identical to Daisy’s (in our Teams chat) when I told her.

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According to “sources” who spoke to The Hill, the rationale for Biden to give it another go is that he’s the only candidate who could beat Trump.

I’m not making this up.

Y’all know how I feel about Trump running again. It’s not my preference. Will I vote for him if he’s the nominee? Abso-freaking-lutely. But do I want him to be the nominee? Nope. Not when Gov. Rrrrrooooonnn DeSantis exists as a comparatively-speaking drama-free alternative. 🙂

But if Dems believe that Biden is their last best hope against Trump, that reeeeeeally says a lot (none of it good) about the Dems’ chances in 2024.

Keep in mind, this is all hearsay, and it’s “not clear” when Biden supposedly had this conversation with Obama. But it’s certainly likely, assuming that on the day they were together Biden was fully coached and prepped by his elder-abusing wife on what he should say.

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Listen – I’m ALL FOR Biden running again. Bring it on, I say. And then the GOP should run this as a campaign ad.