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Reporter Asks Biden Tough Question About Hunter, Gets a Telling Wordless Response Instead of a Straight Answer

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When asked a difficult question about his son’s indictment, President Joe Biden’s silence spoke volumes.

Friday, following a brief address at the White House, the president departed the podium and was asked by a reporter whether Hunter Biden should be pardoned if he is convicted.

Instead of attempting to answer or even acknowledging the query, Biden left the room and closed the door.

Earlier this week, the president’s troubled son was indicted on federal charges for allegedly lying about his drug use on an application to purchase a firearm in 2018. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.

Although Biden did not wish to discuss the possibility of a pardon, his staff has been instructed to provide journalists with an unambiguous response.

When asked the same question on Friday, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “So I’ve answered this question before. … I was very clear and I said ‘no.’”

Biden’s refusal to address the question about what he would do if his son were convicted indicates that he views this situation as a loss for him regardless of the outcome.

That may be so, and Jean-Pierre may want the American public to believe that Hunter Biden is going to be treated equitably, but there is still one enormous caveat.

It is possible that the Justice Department is pursuing this indictment to give the appearance of impartiality, particularly in light of the numerous charges brought against Donald Trump.

According to numerous Republicans, Hunter Biden’s indictment on gun charges does nothing to hold the president accountable for his alleged involvement in his son’s dubious business dealings.

This is a method for prosecuting Hunter Biden while maintaining a semblance of impartiality and protecting Joe Biden.

In addition, we are aware that the Biden White House is not the most trustworthy institution in the world.

We should be skeptical of the White House’s assertions that Hunter Biden will face the just consequences for his actions. Ultimately, the Bidens will do everything possible to defend their own.

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