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Reporter Holds Back Tears After Witnessing 1/10 of Residents Killed in Hamas Attack

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Trey Yingst, a correspondent for Fox News, has prior combat experience. But he claimed that nothing, not even the brutality of the conflict in Ukraine, could have prepared him for the horrifying images he witnessed in kibbutz Be’eri, Israel, where he filmed the aftermath of Saturday’s Hamas massacre of civilians.

Wednesday on Fox News, Yingst described what he termed a “massacre against Israelis” via a graphic video that depicted bloodstained floors and body bags bearing silent witness to the magnitude of the abrupt death wave that swept through the small community.

He choked back tears as he described scenes of houses with breakfasts prepared that the deceased would never consume and refrigerators with photographs of children the victims of the atrocity would never see again.

Yingst stated that Be’eri was “strewn with bodies” as he displayed a bullet-riddled residence.

“It is completely destroyed. It looks like some of the buildings were hit by RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades], explosives,” he said of the community, noting that he saw “beds covered in blood.”

“It is hell on earth,” he said.

As reporters drove into Be’eri, according to Yingst, they passed the site of a music festival where more than 250 people were slain.

“You could smell the stench of death in the air on the drive, and as we got closer to this kibbutz, where so many families were slaughtered in their homes, it became obvious that we didn’t even have a full grasp of what took place here,” he said.

Outside the entrance to Be’eri, he stated, there was “a large pile of bodies” of Hamas terrorists slain by Israeli forces who retook the communities in combat this week.

WARNING: The following video has graphic content that some viewers may find disturbing.

Yingst relayed the remarks of an Israeli commander who witnessed the atrocities in Be’eri, which included the beheading of civilians and the execution of others with their wrists bound behind their backs.

He described the home he had filmed as “the most horrific thing I have ever seen.”

“It is a house of horror behind me, and the entire neighborhood looks like this,” the Fox News reporter said, noting that the kibbutz suffered more than 100 people killed out of a pre-slaughter population of roughly 1,000.

“They came into this community and they slaughtered children,” he said.

According to Reuters, Israeli paramedic Hami Atias described what he witnessed in Be’eri as unprecedented.

“I thought I’d seen enough, but nothing could prepare me for what happened there. The smell of bodies — as many times as I’ve showered this week — I can’t get that smell out,” he said.

“There were bodies lying on the street in huge quantities, wounded people screaming for help, and we had to decide who to treat because we didn’t have enough manpower,” Atias said, recounting the scene when he arrived.

One Israeli commander sought to put the scene into perspective.

“Just like Auschwitz is the symbol of the Holocaust, Be’eri will be the symbol of this pogrom,” Maj. Doron Spielman of the Israel Defense Forces said, according to the Times of Israel.

Eli Hazan, a volunteer who hailed from Rhode Island, recounted one scene.

“Yesterday, we saw a list taped to the door of the safe room in the house,” Hazan said. “I guess one of the parents made it, a list of things to prepare. Toothbrush, sandwiches, all kinds of stuff. And on the bottom, it said, ‘A hug from Imma [mom].’

“And there was blood all over that piece of paper.”

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